Monday, June 6, 2011

jenni farley

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  • ViciousShadow21
    Dec 3, 11:12 AM
    for the person who was looking for the Assassins wallpaper, i found it HERE (

    remember folks if someone doesn't post the original and they don't get back to you try TinEye (

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  • ZenErik
    Apr 7, 08:51 AM
    Yes... it will probably break the JB... but that is your risk and your decision to JB. So, yes... my original post stands.
    Except that I don't jailbreak my iPad. :p I do however work in an electronics repair shop, and we do jailbreaking/unlocking for customers sometimes. Apple is beating down the jailbreak community pretty well recently. It's a pain for me because it means lots of customers coming in complaining that their jailbreak/unlock is gone. ;)

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  • mikeschmeee
    Apr 7, 05:24 PM
    Rig shot of my friends car. (

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  • jrko
    Mar 28, 04:52 AM
    ...have moved from 'arctic silver' to 'mx-2' with great results. just as stable over time, seems to 'cure' faster, and i've found a several degree drop on lots of different of luck.

    Thanks for the input. can I ask, is the temp drop compared to Arctic Silver of the original paste?

    Thanks for the input guys


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  • scoobydiesel
    Sep 1, 03:24 AM

    I do think I'm going to change it real soon, But this is art by Russell Dickerson which is based on a story called Scratch by Brian Keene(my favorite Author)

    I also hide my dock(kind of just started do this actually) I know its kind of a mess right now with the folders and such... But oh well :p

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  • MacBandit
    Dec 23, 11:36 PM
    I know it's not enough to stop the drop but I just added a second PS3 to my numbers. I've been using my MacBook to rerender a bunch of videos lately once it's done I'll be back to folding with it again. This will bring me from my typical 1200-1600points/day average up to around 2,600-2,800.


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  • scotty96LSC
    Sep 4, 03:24 PM
    You can make the dock transparent with Mirage Dock. Works with 2D or 3D dock.
    Good point.

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  • Popeye206
    May 1, 01:05 PM
    Everyone here wishes your trolling, goo fan posts would DIE DIE DIE. That would be great news if it meant the end of your trolling.

    In defense of Win (I know, I don't believe it either), but he is right. Mobile me is a horrible name and the current service has not been stellar. But with the new data center coming online it should be better. Much better.

    This time I think he actually made a legitimate comment. I'm sure it won't last! :)


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  • toughluck
    Jul 15, 02:08 PM
    This is on one of my physics worksheets! I think the picture speaks for itself.:cool::cool::cool::cool:

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  • willber
    Apr 17, 08:44 PM
    I was playing around with my CategoriesSB background graphic and had the idea of the graphic being a finder window with the correct folder name and graphic.

    If anyone is interested in giving it a go I can post the .psd with instructions.

    Here are some screenshots


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  • SidBala
    Mar 16, 10:17 PM
    There was an article about an 11 year old girl who was gangraped in Texas by 18 young men because she was dressed up like a 21-year-old prostitute.

    So if she was really a 21 year old prostitute, the gang rape is okay then?

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  • vincenz
    Sep 5, 06:50 PM

    Here's a link to the original, ( sort of. I got lucky with Google -- I just can't find the Twitter that pointed me to the original picture.

    I wonder what Edward Hopper would think of this :p


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  • MacRumors
    Apr 7, 08:13 AM (

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  • Macdaddy1129
    Jul 31, 04:13 PM


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  • PowerGamerX
    Apr 7, 04:08 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I am all against this nostalgia gaming. U have so many great games available on the ipad or iphone that utilise their potencial, why would u wanr to play games that have 12 pixels running around? I think it has more to do with people remembering the "good old times" when they havent had all that depression, fear and insecurity going on.

    Not all of it is based of nostalgia. There is a reason a lot of people play these games today. Yes a good portion of these old games are ****, nobody is arguing that. There are some gems that have become immune to time though, Ms. PacMan, Warlords, Missile Command. All great games.

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  • Stevenup7002
    Jan 14, 07:03 PM
    I'm receiving word that macworld is gonna be stream live over ustream. The link is here, bookmark it:

    Looking forward to it!
    -Steve ;)


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  • bobbytomorow
    Sep 1, 10:17 AM
    heeeeeeres mine

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  • dlamin517
    Feb 10, 01:41 AM

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  • jrko
    Apr 12, 01:57 AM
    oh yeah - its gonna be in my bedroom also serving as media player for watching itunes movies and streams off the internet. Its really struggling at the moment so a graphics upgrade seemed like a good idea for the price that was on offer.

    Apr 4, 10:50 AM
    So you enjoy watching them abuse other people, but since it's not you then it's ok?

    What kind of a sick attitude is that? You think it's a good thing that they mistreat their readers? Why? Is it just funny to you or something?

    You are obviously missing the point. Apple's new subscription model is preventing choice from coming to it's customers. How is that not a bad thing?

    Apr 7, 03:36 PM
    That alone would justify the damned iPad for me!

    Wasn't Stargate (Defender) better? Also, help me out- were those Midway, and if so, did Atari own them?

    Nov 14, 12:29 AM
    The first Avid came out in 1989 on a Mac IIx. Most people up until a couple of years ago where still editing with Avid Xpress/Film Composer on Power Macintosh 9600's and G3/G4 machines because they cut and cut really well. You used to not be able to separate the word Apple from Avid until they started being bad about working with other developers over the span of OS X. I.E. Avid, Adobe & Macromedia. And developing competing products. You've seen what Steve can do with a product like flash and ban it from an OS. So Adobe and Avid started not putting all their eggs in one basket and that's why you started seeing alot of software on apple's migrate to PC's because of Apple's behavior for better or worse.
    IMO the story goes slightly different. Apple was circling the drain, Mac-centric developers went "Oh, *****!" and developed Windows versions of their Apps. Steve went "Oh, *****" and started developing first party apps as a matter of necessity. It's not a coincidence that a rash of first party apps started appearing around the same time (99/00). iMovie, iTunes, iDVD and iPhoto all hit the streets around the same time and they were all free. FCP landed during the same time and while it was not free it was ridiculously cheaper than Avid's offerings.

    Avid also flirted w/the idea of dropping the Mac entirely when the G4 started to stagnate (thanks Motorola), but Mac faithful editors dang near busted out the torches and pitch forks so Avid quickly backed peddled. The PC version of Avid did start to take priority though and it was only a couple of years ago that platform parity returned to Avid's products.


    Apr 28, 05:05 PM
    I used to have the iPhone but I switched to Verizon when the iPhone 4 came out--didn't care for its hardware design, or for the dropped calls on AT&T. I've stayed away from the iPhone since its release on Verizon, too; I still don't care for the hardware design. We'll see what happens with iPhone 5, I guess.

    Dec 25, 04:31 PM
    yeah there's no doubt about it, we need more users. i think we need to get more active on here, and then more users will come.

    we really need more users with those new mac pros that can run the bigadv units. i'm doing all i can, but we need a lot more

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