Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • GC_1000Watt
    03-30 03:12 PM

    I am working under H1B visa and got married December last year. My wife applied for her H4 visa this month and when she got to the embassy for the interview, the consul checked and commented on the font size of her address in our marriage certificate. She said it was smaller than my address (well, she got a longer address before we got married, maybe that is why the census made it smaller) and said to my wife that it needs verification. The embassy then took all documents (her passport, our original marriage cert, etc.) and said they will call her when she needs to return for interview again.

    Has anyone of you experience this? If so, any ideas how long it takes for them to call? BTW I'm Filipino. Thank you guys and God bless

    I guess you should be fine once they gets satisfied with cross checking.
    By the way can you please tell me in short the procedure you followed to have your wife attend H4 visa interview.

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  • adhantari
    07-07 03:01 PM
    It was just an innocent question for a friend. You guys give out red dots for asking questions???

    gcformeornot: don't appreciate your judgment.

    designserve: thanks.

    where in your OP you say its about a friend..... now that it backfired.... you braught in a friend??? now a days everybody posts for thier friend.....

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  • dummgelauft
    12-04 11:42 AM
    ..and let the Champagne sit in the chiller.

    Dude, this is ablip, for al lwe know. So many jobs have been lost, that there are not many more to lose. Companies aer already running on skeleton crews.
    Its like some person wanting to lose weight, first loses all his body fat, then not satified with it starts starving himself and starts to lose muscle mass, after that is gone, the only choice is to start cutting body parts off, to lose more weight.....

    These numbers have to improve consistently for a few months, even a year for any stable, long to meadium term gains...

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  • coldcloud
    08-06 02:28 AM
    Thanks nlssubbu for the info. And yes it is 2010 and i have edited the post.


    funny restaurant names. FUNNY RESTAURANT NAMES .. 3/3. - Dil Se Desi Group
  • FUNNY RESTAURANT NAMES .. 3/3. - Dil Se Desi Group

  • samuel5028
    03-06 11:57 PM
    Go to nearby embassy and inform about your situation. Make sure to keep all the documents and all also duplicate copy of your visa. Hopefully everything will be fine.

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  • cbpds
    09-11 03:46 PM
    Client letters are becoming madatory now a days, refer to murthy.com for an article related to yours today


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  • syzygy
    08-02 08:50 PM
    People who get labor approved in August, can they avail current window provided by USCIS and concurrently file 140/485?

    Thanks for replies

    Same thing happened with me - My labor was approved from Phily BEC on Mar 16th 07 and my company kept saying that didn't receive anything till Apr 16th 07...

    Then i was impatient and called Phily BEC and they were very nice to explain me that it can take upto 1.5 months to 2 months for my company to receive via Lawyer. In fact it may take 1 month for Phily BEC to mail - he explained.

    Eventually my company received the Labor papers on May 7th 07....

    Hope this story helps.


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  • ahmed
    04-24 10:02 PM
    It loves you back :love:


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  • Sjon
    05-27 09:23 AM
    there is currently an interesting battle going on, http://www.kirupa.com/forum/showthread.php?t=97495&page=1&pp=15

    maybe you can join as well.

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  • chirukatti
    05-02 06:12 PM
    I hear that any transfer of a visa to a different one, in your case from L1 to H1 need to go back to your home country for stamping. Please consult an immigration laywer for more details.


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  • little_willy
    03-06 04:39 PM
    To quote from the article

    "Hira said that grass-roots groups seeking reforms don't have the money or celebrity support that can turn attention to their concerns. But what they lack in money can be offset to some extent in numbers and effort, he said."

    Exactly the same concern IV is facing today. We need more members and more money. In essence, please do your bit to support IV.

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  • dealsnet
    09-23 10:48 AM
    Sorry to hear about your arrest. Are you staying with her in same house or separate house?. If you live in separate house, why you went there, if you have divorce case is pending.? You need to be careful.

    Is this RFE is generated because of your wife reported your case to USCIS ?
    Do you inform USCIS about your divorce proceedings ?
    You can inform them all details with this RFE. You are victimised and all...
    Gather all evidence to show your innocence.


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  • nsn1234
    07-27 12:11 AM
    my original labor got approved with a PD in July 2007 with Company A who is my current employer. I also applied for a seperate 140 based on a pre-approved labor in July 2007 with Company B and the PD for that labor is in 2005.

    i was told that i can apply for 140/485 with my original labor and once the 140 for the pre-approved labor is approved, i can request for replacing the 140 with the other one with an earlier PD.

    could any one repalce the 140 like this? if yes, how long it took for the process. does both 140 needs to be approved to do the interfiling?

    what details we need for the 140 that we want to use. just the filing date, A# & approval date or the original or copy of the approval notice.

    if Company B or its attoreny is not willing to provide the 140 details or approval notice, is there any way to get those details from INS.

    i dont have any details with me except that i know that they applied for 140.

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  • hineeta
    05-22 03:17 PM
    Our attorney told us to get documents ready to file I-485 as our PD of Jan 2004 might get current, hopefully. Unfortunately, my birth certificate does not have my name (at time of birth, name was not decided) but rest info is there. This makes for incomplete information on birth certificate. Here is what we have been advised to do (copied from attorney's mail):

    My question is has anyone got Nonavailability certificate in case of missing birth certificate from Delhi (my place of birth), India. If yes, please...........help me out and let me know how to go about it. My parents are not even sure which Municipalty branch to go to.......they are getting the affidavits ready, though.

    "Since your birth certificate is not available, you may obtain a Certificate of Non-Availability: This document is issued by a competent governmental authority confirming that the birth certificate does not exist. There is no set format for certificates of non-availability, but the document must indicate the reason the birth record does not exist, and indicate whether similar records for the time and place are available.

    You may also obtain a Affidavit of Birth: If a birth certificate does not exist, was issued more than one year after your birth, or does not contain all of the required information as stated above, a sworn affidavit executed by both parents (mother and father) may be submitted. "


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  • H1b_to_GC
    06-04 10:59 AM
    What did you attorney tell you to do?

    I emailed attorney and waiting for reply.

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  • boreal
    05-14 12:27 AM
    TSC is not processing most EB3 I485. This is not supposed to be revealed publicly. It is wrong, so that's why I'm speaking out.

    If you are really an undercover USCIS officer, then you can blow the whistle on USCIS illegal (supposed to be) operations...you will have the whistle blower protection offered by the US Govt...


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  • Imigrait
    08-08 12:52 PM
    Check this Thread.


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  • ras
    01-15 11:20 AM
    post the employer name and address so that other people will be careful working for him and also if employer comes to know about IV, he will stop these kind of things

    Intimidate them saying you will post the story on the IV forum. This works some times. I did this and the employer came down a little bit..

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  • uvs
    09-24 12:24 PM

    03-28 01:25 PM
    NetIP is a nationwide organization, though each chapter seems to function in a somewhat independent way. However, events that have been successful at one chapter tend to be taken up by other chapters.

    The nationwide NetIP chairs did not respond to me, though the Bay Area president did.

    Here is a list of chapters. There is a tri-state chapter.


    Perhaps the NJ-NY IV team should encourage the Tri-State chapter to at least put up our link and send a mailer to members.

    02-11 01:06 PM
    Thanks. But then, how can he apply for extension of his H1 B? Can he do it staying in India?

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