Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • survu
    03-14 10:52 AM
    I am planning to use AC21 by joining a company on this March month end , I asked new company to process H1, and its in progress.
    In APRIL Visa Billiton my PD is current, as I have PD of JUNE 2001( EB2), my RD - JUNE 29, 2007 .at this stage if I change company what is the impact on my GC approval. Should I wait for some more time to join the new company?
    Your advices are appreciated

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  • tdasara
    03-06 04:03 PM
    The use of H1b is extensive just to promote false news....

    H1b and Greencards are used in the same context. Many 'technology' magazines don't like either GC's or H1b's.

    GC process is a 'fair' atleast when it comes to prevailing wage and so they quote 'H1b' quite often to build up their case.

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  • mojo123
    10-21 10:12 PM
    I sent my app to NSC 20th' July,,,,received at NSC on 23rd' July..
    Still no receipts(s) yet....checks not cashed yet..
    Called few times in past weeks to IO level2 support, info is not available/entered in USCIS database..
    Just wondering who else is facing same situation as I, and sharing the ride.
    Pls reply to this thread so we can track the progress..
    thanks for the help

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  • Jinlaw
    03-20 04:41 PM
    Thanks guys, I'm glad you like it! :beam:


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  • DareYouFireMe
    04-19 09:56 AM
    Probably you got to make you aware of science of immigration. Tell the authorities what they ask for (not what you want to tell). These days merger and aquisitions are commonplace and USCIS may be aware of these situations.

    Hello all,

    My company merged with another one last year just after my I-140 was approved. I'm preparing to file I-485 (doing it myself) and I'm wondering what kind of documents/letters do I need to submit to USCIS to proof that my job wasn't affect by the merger and I'm still working in the same position.

    I'd really like to send all required information to USCIS so that I don't have to reply to RFEs later on.

    Any examples of letters or list of supporting documents will be appreciated.


    Contributing $20/month

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  • martinvisalaw
    08-27 07:05 PM
    You don't file a G-28 unless you DO have a lawyer representing you. You just need to write to CIS advising them that the former lawyer no longer represents you, and ask CIS to send any correspondence directly to you, not the lawyer. It might take a long time for CIS to make the change, but in the meantime, the other lawyer should send you anything he gets on the case.


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  • dwl800
    07-20 01:11 PM
    I applied for H1B and Green Card Simultaneously in 2002. My first H1B expired in 2005. I am working on EAD. My questions are--

    If I decide to change jobs and apply for H1B with the new company, am I subject to the QUOTA?

    If I change jobs( in similar field) to another state in another service center, how is my case transfered to TSC from NSC?

    Please reply.

    Hello all,

    If anybody knows answer to these questions, please reply.


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  • seekerofpeace
    08-13 05:25 PM
    Every agent tells a new thing. But the fact remains that I-140 needs to be approved before 485 is adjudicated.

    Also you are not current will be (if things don't change in between) on Sept 1.

    I don't know what final stage mean...I have been told the same thing by my congressman rep a year and half back.....doesn't mean anything...

    Just wait and wait...



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  • zeorist123
    03-19 12:02 PM

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  • lazycis
    10-17 12:06 PM
    Thank you! Hopefully 8c/page is not big money for me.

    All you need is History/Documents report to check upon the status. So that's 8c per case. Opinions are free in PACER.


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  • eager_immi
    07-18 04:02 PM
    please put ' before the url

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  • TomPlate
    01-03 04:09 PM
    No. They met during the lunch time i guess

    Refugee_New refugee = new Refugee_New(noGreencard);
    //The validate function,
    // validates and rejects green card for Refugee_New


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  • plassey
    08-15 08:28 PM
    Don't do this . The information you want is here
    Or you are stupid enough not to understand that

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  • ektha123
    12-07 02:12 PM
    my wife has got H1 this year and
    she wants to transfer to H4 as she got Ead and she
    wants to use EAD .and still we didnt get AP.she wants
    to leave to india in jan she dont have stamp in her

    if we apply now for the conversion of H1 to H4 can
    she leave to india now and can i send that approval
    letter to india then she goes to stamping in india.
    is it possible. please suggest me


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  • s_r_e_e
    09-02 01:10 PM

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  • ski_dude12
    04-15 12:47 AM
    You need to bring more clarity in your questions. Has your GC been approved and you are waiting for it to arrive in mail? or it is still pending approval. You do not need any visa to leave US. You will need it to get back in.

    Be more clear in your questions and someone will reply.


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  • pandu_hawaldar
    06-30 01:38 AM

    1. Based on the state you live in. (either texas or nebraska)

    2. check the instruction here:

    3. You must send following documents.
    - Copy of i485 receipt.
    - EAD card front & back.
    - 2 personal photos.
    - Check on US Department of Homeland security for $340 (based on filing date original I765).

    Dear IV users,

    for the first time I/m doing self-filing could you please answer my naive questions?

    1. How could I know which service center to file? I have my current EAD with me with the card and attached paper work and it says it is from Nebraska Service Center - so is this the service center I need to re apply?

    2. Where can I find the mailing address for this service center?

    3. Should I send a copy of my passport and other immigration history documents for renewal?

    Please reply at your convenience.

    Thank you.

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  • BMWX5
    02-22 10:27 AM
    I have one question about signing the affidavit of support (864) for immigration of a family member.
    (i.e. For petition for Immediate Relative- daughter files for mother)

    If daughter signs an affidavit of support for mother (i.e. form 864) for immigrant visa (Immediate relative) then in that case for daughter is it going to create any problem in getting study loans/home loan in future?

    Just curious, how are they related.
    I'm not seeing any connection between these items.
    Affidavit is for USCIS to show the ability that she can take the financial burden, study loan is for university to decide borrower can able to pay or not and mortgage loan is also the same, in both the cases you have to pay back and in first case it is not.

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  • sertasheep
    09-30 10:03 PM

    09-24 06:07 PM
    I got my Finger Printing notice today and I was comparing it with the 485 receipt. The 485 receipt had A# as A9xxxxxxx ( A with 8 digits) as the receipt number while the FP notice had A09xxxxxxx as the number.

    The FP notice has a "0" after the "A" and the 485 notice does not have that 0. All the digits are the same but for the 0. Any one has it similar. do i need to worry abt it? any suggestions? You think i need to get it corrected?

    485 received July 27, 07
    485 Receipt date - Aug 27, 07
    FP issued - Sep 18, 07

    08-07 04:57 PM
    USCIS issues receipt numbers after the Armageddon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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