Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • webm
    11-08 01:30 PM
    1. Can my wife apply for a visa after she starts using EAD? and later can she extend her H4 along with my H1 extension which I'm going to apply mid next year?

    2.Is it ok to travel just on AP for her if she doesnt want to apply visa?


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  • needhelp!
    11-28 03:56 PM
    Time to ACT!

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  • gjoe
    10-03 03:46 PM
    What's need of creating such kind of thread . It is just wastage of time.:mad:

    But you see people like me having time to spare. how can you call it waste of time when we do this in our spare time?

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  • gcseeker2002
    06-25 12:16 PM
    If you sign today, put todays date


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  • Horace Jones
    07-07 10:39 AM
    Thanks for the link. I read the first few paragraphs and it seems really interesting. I'll check the rest out later on tonight.

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  • chanduv23
    04-29 10:28 AM
    Mine is approved I140. If USCIS doesn't ask for paystub then giving EVL of any consulting firm will solve the problem?

    Also, my wife is working on EAD. Can she apply for H1 visa? Will it affect our GC process? I am the primary applicant.

    A bonafide job offer is what is needed. You may want to contact lawyer personally and they will be able to guide you in this.


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  • willIWill
    06-08 03:00 PM
    I am bumping this poll up again so that it gets more visibility now as many folks are trying to check for VB updates.

    I believe there are a chunk of folks in option number '3' or '4'. This poll may help to understand how significant the numbers are. Also if anyone in that boat, add your inputs.

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  • gccovet
    06-06 10:43 AM
    I just got my H1B visa and I am working. My wife is currently on F-1/OPT. We are both in the USA. Could you please advise me what is the required documents/steps to apply for her for H4 visa? are there any inf on the web? can I do that myself?
    Thank you,

    Like PMAT mentioned, I-539 is to be used, and you can do it by yourself, if you'd like. Download the latest form from (immigration forms).

    You will need, I-129, photocopy of your passport, your I-94 (current), Photocopy of Marriage certificate.



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  • IneedAllGreen
    09-24 01:23 PM

    I would like to know that can I apply for EAD extension for me and my wife since my I-140 application was denined last year. We have already appeal for decision on I-140 application to AAO office. I am intend to get my wife's EAD extended by year end.

    Thanks for your time reading this thread.

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  • mmk123
    12-22 12:13 AM
    Consult a good lawyer, prepare an appropriate reply based on true situation. If they feel that the request is genuine, they will approve else be prepared for the worst.

    To be frank, i don't think any company like the one you explained even exists! I will be surprised if it does, and if it does I won't wonder if there is no RFE in the current enforcement days from USCIS.


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  • srd
    02-07 01:20 PM
    My wife and kids are finished there FP, I am still waiting for those to come.

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  • Alfio
    06-28 09:57 AM
    Thank you. The lawyer is in Missouri. I will try to ask the documentation back.

    In the US, attorney ethics rules vary somewhat from state to state. In most states, you are clearly entitled to all substantive materials contained in your case file. Unless the retainer/fee agreement clearly obligates you to pay for copying costs in this circumstance, the law firm should give you the documents you want without charge.


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  • the_jaguar
    10-02 12:37 PM
    It's taking anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks on an average after the introduction of the new lockbox system. We received our receipts in 29 days, so I don't think you should panic yet :)

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  • gdhiren
    09-07 03:32 PM
    Also folks, don't forget this. We need help from local members on accomodation/transportation.


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  • REEF�
    05-09 08:32 PM
    Looks really nice sharif ;) Reminds me of your grunge days on the forums last year!Lol yea...I'm not sure if this is exactly grunge, it looks more like a pixelish graphicified brushed sort of thing...never mind.


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  • lobstars
    02-22 11:54 AM
    Thanks Kirupa, I've since purchased v2, and so far I'm very impressed.
    Thanks again



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  • gc_chahiye
    06-20 08:46 PM

    I spoke to my lawyer today and she made it very clear that it is ILLEGAL to file more than one I-485 for one applicant (from 2 diff companies). USCIS will immediately ask you to make a choice.

    THought I should share this information

    yes, thats because when filing I-485 you are 'promising' to join that company when you get your GC. How can you promise that to two companies at the same time.

    However could you ask about being primary applicant on one petition and secondary on another (cases where both spouses are working, they can file two AOS and if either spouse decides to stop working for some reason the other application continues, the first can be withdrawn). This one is a grey area. Not illegal, but apparently at some point USCIS will ask you to pick one of the two. In this current mess where some companies/lawyers are promising to file, but may not do so in the end, better to give both choices a good shot, and hope atleast one gets through.

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  • dbzfan33
    09-08 09:02 PM
    wow, i'm the last person to comment in this whole forum for 12 hours!!!

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  • silpa_23
    02-11 11:46 AM
    I have valid H1B from June 2007- June 2010. I have reentered the united states twice ( Aug 2008 from India, July 2009 from U.K) on advance parole with out my H1B being stamped. Now my attorney thinks I am under parolee status and my H1B cannot be renewed. However, I am under the impression that my H1B extension can be filed as I am working for the same company and when I reenter the states, I could have my H1B stamped and I will have dual status with out losing EAD, AP and pending 485 application? Can you please indicate if there is any USCIS memo which indiactes H1B can be extended with out losing parole status/ pending 485 application?

    June 5th, 2007, 06:12 AM
    Thank you for the reply, and the information Mats. :)

    Full time H1 and part time H1 [Archive] - Immigration Voice

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    October 18th, 2005, 12:31 PM
    Well Gary, since you were looking for some gentle critic, how and why did you do such a great job...just do us a favor and let us know when the image becomes published. Really, nice work!

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