Monday, June 27, 2011

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images Funny Pictures gt; Halo funny pictues. I thought that if we had a quot;Jokesquot; thread we should have a funny pictues
  • I thought that if we had a quot;Jokesquot; thread we should have a funny pictues

  • friend99
    10-14 09:00 PM

    I applied on July2nd, I got the receipts on september7th and FP for oct23rd but no EAD yet! I have seen most of them get EAD but no FP, Does it matter which comes first should I wait sometime after FP for EAD?

    wallpaper I thought that if we had a quot;Jokesquot; thread we should have a funny pictues funny pictues. Category: Funny dog pictures
  • Category: Funny dog pictures

  • BharatPremi
    04-24 03:51 PM
    FP completed...What Next?


    Probable Fatigue

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  • nashim
    02-03 07:57 AM
    One lost his job and opted for subsidized COBRA. After one month he got job from small company. New employer does not pay for health insurance and insurance premium is more than subsidized COBRA premium.

    In this case, Is it ok to continue using subsidized COBRA even after getting new job?


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  • pandu_hawaldar
    07-06 09:16 AM

    My wife's AP is expiring in mid of October 2010. I am going to apply for her new AP before she travels to India in the 3rd week of July. Is there any issue if she comes back with the new AP? As the renewed AP will be received while she is in India. She will leave with her existing AP and enter back (lets say in Nov 2010) with newly renewed AP.

    Please guide.


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  • InTheMoment
    08-02 10:54 AM
    Send a detailed letter explaining that you are at a risk of losing job to the EAD expedite fax line.

    Another alternative is to take infopass and explain the situation to them and take the letter with you so that can send it to the proper place.

    Also call the IO directly at 1800-375-5283, 1,2,2,6,1...3,4

    Something should click.

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  • Top 10 Real Funny Pictures

  • BumbleBee
    03-31 10:05 AM
    From over an year, I have been working on EAD. Recently I resigned from my job, however I am still looking for a new job. I have a few questions related with EAD:


    Yes, please fill out your profile to help IV.

    1. Even after leaving the company, is it legal for me to stay in the country and for how long?
    As long as I-485 is pending or approved.

    2. Can I look for any kind of job on EAD or there is any restrictions?
    Technically, Yes. But keep a job offer(in similar occupation as GC labor) in hand

    3. Is it possible that my former employer can cancel my EAD?
    No, employer has no say on EAD/AP/I-485. But the original employer can cancel I140 and that in turn would trigger I485/EAD/AP cancellation. Use AC21 to avoid getting denial.

    4. If I find a new job, do I have to use immigration lawyers of my former employer to help renew my EAD, travel document etc. from time to time or I can hire another immigration lawyer?
    You can use any immigration lawyer, or you can do it yourself. I have renewed my EAD/AP myself last 5 years.

    Hope that helps.


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  • GCVivek
    04-11 04:47 PM
    Please read what the event is about. It is NOT about people asking questions on issues. It is about "How can Congress effectively use Facebook". :)

    It will be nice everyone from Texas can attend this and ask our question:

    Facebook DC Live: Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.) | Facebook (

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  • hankles
    10-09 09:17 AM

    One could only hope that BusinessWeek readers perceive this as a case of a few bad apples and not the whole cart.


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  • reddymjm
    04-30 06:17 PM
    Hello Gurus,

    My 6 years H1B visa term is expiring on Apr 30th 2008. My company filed 3 years of extension on approved I140 basis, which is still pending as of Apr 30th 2008. And my I 94 is dated till Apr 30th 2008.

    I filed my I 485 in June 2007 and got EAD and AP

    1) What will be my status after Apr 30 2008. Will I still be on H1 status, if not what will be my status.

    And what is 'H1 pending for 240 days rule'.

    Your answer is very much appriciated.


    Until your H1B is rejected.

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  • Tommy_S
    05-10 02:02 PM
    Not quite satisfied with these. The font doesn't fit. The first stamp is nice, others are so-so: images are bad. :hat:


    funny pictues. Posted by Ravinder Bisht at 7:13 AM Labels: Funny Pictures
  • Posted by Ravinder Bisht at 7:13 AM Labels: Funny Pictures

  • snathan
    05-07 12:12 AM
    Hello all:

    Applied for 140 transfer TSC June 2007. Have not heard anything since, I mean absolutely nothing. Is this due to the backlog?? I am starting to get worried as I checked my status and all it says is, the received date and that when there is update they will let us know.

    Did any of you apply 140 transfer in TSC around that time? Any news on those? Any case that it could've been lost?

    Big question to the experts is, what do I do to make sure they are working on it and my application is in queue.


    What do you mean by transfer. You can not transfer I140, you can only port the PD.

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  • LookingForGC
    12-17 12:46 PM
    Interesting... let us see what they are going to say.


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  • wooncherk
    January 24th, 2005, 10:35 PM
    Does any one interested in the new Olympus Evolt E-300?....... or any who already own it?....... i personally am very interested in it and am looking forward to buy one on March........

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  • vikasgarg24
    08-09 10:53 AM

    This question is for my friend. he has a Bcom (3 years bachlors from India) with certification of chartered accountant and cost accountant. He has a 6 years of post qualification experience in india (after ca and ) and now he has 6.5 years of experience in US. (Total post qualification experience is 11-12 years)

    His lawyer said as this is a 3 years degree you dont qualify for EB2. lawyer also send us a case where DOL denied CA plus 3 years of bcom under EB2.

    Can you help us if he qualify for EB-2, what is the best way to file.


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  • amit1234
    02-13 08:46 PM
    My PD is Jan04 in eb3 catogory and I am from India. Currently I am working under EAD . My wife recently got job offer and her company is ready to file her labor under EB2 category. My question is thats ? will that be a problem when she files for 485 based on her labor since she already filed 485 based on my labor . Any suggestion is appriciated .

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  • baleraosreedhar
    06-21 01:36 PM
    Hi All

    I have a question regarding filling of I485.

    My wife got her H1 approved in November 2006 and she got her SSN in december and her company has not put her on a project.

    I would like to know will there be any issue if I file her as my dependent on my I485 application.

    Her H4 visa on the passport is already expired.


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  • fasterthanlight�
    06-06 02:52 PM
    Because i like the orb-look it gives, no glass effect would make it look flat and gross. :cap:

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  • Blog Feeds
    06-22 10:10 AM
    AILA Leadership Has Just Posted the Following:

    What is the deal with Senator Ensign? He cheated on his wife? Don't all politicians do that? (The answer is no, not all politicians do that). So, what is the a big deal? Let me tell you--Because Senator Ensign is a HYPOCRITE! Senator Ensign received a 100% rating ( every anti-immigration group ( there for his stance against immigration reform ( for his opposition to giving "amnesty" to "illegals."

    While adultery is not illegal in Nevada (its not, I checked), I would daresay that if Americans were asked this question--"Do you forgive Adulterous, Cheating Senators, OR Undocumented Immigrants seeking a better life for them and their familes," that resoundingly Americans would say--Dump the Senator and pass Immigration Reform. But wait, Americans are already saying that.

    So, Senator Ensign, good for you, you did not break the law in Nevada by committing adultery and cheating on your wife. However, you have sacrificed the "moral high ground" you may have thought you once had. And while your wife is apparently is willing to forgive you, frankly, I doubt anyone else is. So, if by some magic you manage to retain your seat in the Senate, perhaps the next time you are ready to cast aspersions on an entire group of people seeking a better life for themselves, you might want to take that beam out of your own eye first!

    More... (

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  • Sreeshankar
    06-28 12:51 PM
    The Department of State has published a pamphlet educating nonimmigrant visa holders on their rights. The pamphlet covers the visa process, important documents, workplace and employee rights, human trafficking, and how to file a complaint. This is a very useful document, not just for immigrants. See here ( to download.
    Thank you for your kind thoughtfulness to post it even on a Sunday!!
    Very informative post.

    02-05 03:56 PM
    TVU component are safe. I have been using this site for past 4 - 5 months with out any annoying popups or spyware.

    06-17 09:32 PM
    Anyone here??

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