Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • ZeroComplexity
    11-25 06:25 PM
    Looks like you have too many people checking status at your company :)

    Remember USCIS server sees the IP address of the proxy...

    I can understand if someone is calling too many times. Looks like the USCIS computers are also feeling fed up. :p

    Check the message I got when I was trying to see the details of my case online

    "It was reported to us that your IP address or internet gateway has been locked out for a select period of time. This is due to an unusually high rate of use. In order to avoid this issue, please create a Customer account (single applicant) or a Representative account (representing many individuals)."

    I am logging in after many days and I was checking it for the first time today

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  • senk1s
    11-06 03:41 PM
    Here are the instructions for e-filing EAD -

    this is for AP

    refer to the section on supporting docs
    AP says required, EAD says not required

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  • kishorek111
    01-02 01:16 PM
    I filed my 485 in Aug 2007 (in the July fiasco), but filed my EAD in Jan 2008. So do I need to send the application fee.

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  • poorslumdog
    08-04 10:19 PM

    I went to US on B1 and came back to india last week, I would like to apply H1 in the current year. Is there any cooling period to apply H1B once come back from US on B1 or Can I start the H1B process immediately.

    Thanks in Advance.

    - Mani

    Yeap...put your passport in the freezer for three days and then apply for H1. :D


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  • speakup
    08-13 09:53 PM
    Funny :p but unfortunetly NOT TRUE:(

    U.N. Begins Meeting to Discuss Atlanta Labor Certification, Work Conditions in Cambodia

    The International Labor Organization (ILO) of the U.N. kicked off a four-day regional meeting in Stockholm Tuesday aimed at improving working conditions worldwide.

    "Atlanta Labor Certification (ALC) and the situation in Cambodia remain the most pressing issues we are facing today," Swedish Labor Minister Nils Freivalds, the meeting's chairman, told participants. The participants are expected to endorse The “Missing Application Statue”, a memorial aims at educating the public worldwide about the Atlanta LC tragedy of August 07, when hundreds of thousands of applicants and their families were practically prohibited from applying to permanent residency and gaining labor portability. Those victims might have to wait for several years to get another chance. Atlanta shelved their LC applications for times ranging from 2 months to 2 years while the LC applicants at Chicago where getting results in 2-8 days.

    “This statue is created to remind us of what has happened and what could occur if we forget the past. May the tens of thousands of applicants in Atlanta and their families always have a place in our hearts. And may their suffering not be in vain.” said Freivals.

    This is the second time a UN agency interfere in an issue related to Atlanta Labor Certification. The first time was in May 2007 when the General Assembly voted to prevent the usage of the term “Atlanta Processing” referring to extremely slow and inefficient systems. The term was considered very cruel and inconsiderate toward the victims and their families.


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  • pune_guy
    11-20 06:22 PM
    Hi Guys,

    I am working with company A on H1B, currently on bench (no pay, all vacation used up) and no pay stub. I got an from offer from Company B and have started the H1 transfer process. I would like to know how soon can I join company B. My friend says I can join as soon as USCIS receives the H1B application i.e. as soon as the fedex delivery reciept becomes available I can join the company B.

    The lawyer from company B says I need to wait till a reciept notice is received from USCIS.

    Who is right? I want to believe the lawyer for obvious reasons (she is a lawyer) but my friend did the similar thing, he joined the day his app was received at USCIS and he was adviced so by his company's lawyer.

    A rationale to join on the same day is that when the H1 is approved it will have the start date same as the day USCIS received the app (as that is the requested start date of transfer).

    I'd appreciate your inputs.



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  • akred
    07-05 12:41 PM
    Guess the news broke :). I am happy for all the employees on OPT who will be able to continue employment.

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  • dazed
    07-19 07:57 AM
    I think you are perfectly fine even if you don't apply EAD/AP with I-485. The only caveat, to my knowledge is that you have to wait for I-485 receipt. (correct me if I'm wrong). But based on the number of filings expected, nobody knows when you will get a receipt. Also, I think the I-485s, though filed will still be processed by priority date. The EAD/AP applications will be FIFO. So the more you delay filing them, the more time it will take for USCIS to process your EAD/AP, especially considering the number of filings expected. Based on the processing time for the I-765, which is now more than 90 days and the fact that interim EADs are not issued anymore (see below from USCIS), it is going to interesting to see how USCIS handles this.

    Elimination of Interim EADs in Process (sometime in June 2006)

    Under current regulations and procedures, persons who apply for EADs can go to the local USCIS offices and obtain interim EADs if the original filing takes 90 days or more. This convenience is likely to be eliminated in the near future due to USCIS concerns over the potential fraudulent use of the interim EADs. The USCIS's view is that the manufacture of EADs should occur at the Service Center level, and the expectation placed on the Service Centers is that they will process the EAD applications and manufacture the EADs within the 90-day processing period.

    The USCIS acknowledged that there is a regulation in place providing for interim EADs, but note that this regulation may have to change. It seems that the antiquated machines for producing the interim EADs are going to be scrapped, eliminating the possibility of processing interim EADs at local offices, with or without the required regulatory change.


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  • vemulap1
    09-30 04:57 PM
    I applied for my first labor in 2004 Feb, due to backlog center processing and I140 RFE so I applied for second labor from same employer in 2006 Sept.
    Second labor and I140 cleared with out any problem, mean while during in 2007 July I applied I485 based on my second labor.
    Later after six months my first I140 was cleared.

    My question to IV Guru's, Is there any process to interfile older priority date to the second
    labor. I mean is there any process to restore priority date of first labor to second one. As my I485 application is based on second labor.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.

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  • JSimmivoice
    01-25 09:53 PM
    Is it Legal to hold multiple H1 (both profit)?


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  • optimystic
    10-19 10:20 PM

    And its official now.. USCIS have consolidated on one more conniving trend to continue to keep us in the dark :mad:

    The dates are claimed to be "as of " Aug 31st.

    When they did this in the last update and said the dates were "as of " July 31 2008, I thought it was going to be a one time thing and in the next update they will give us up to the date info. But hell NO!!

    If they only disclose info as of some date in the past, how the hell are we supposed to know whether our case is currently "beyond" normal processing times !!! And how the heck can we file a service request !

    They just want us off their back altogether and go at their own pace.

    With this staggered (Processing dates and PD) approach, they can manipulate one thing or the other (Spike the PD and retrogress the Proc Date OR vice Versa) and forever juggle and skirt around accountability altogether and don't have to answer or take any status queries at all ! Why don't they use the same intelligence to try to improve their processes and improve their productivity !

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  • Ann Ruben
    06-28 10:20 PM
    An article entitled File Retention and Relinquishing to Client - Posted on March 31st, 2010 can be found on the website for the MO Supreme Court Advisory Committe for Legal Ethics:Office of the Legal Ethics Counsel - Articles (http://www.mo-legal-ethics.org/modules.php?name=Articles). I hope this is helpful.


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  • spamarti
    01-21 07:56 PM

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  • jthomas
    04-17 12:53 AM

    I hope that they dont revoke my 140.
    I didnt understand the 4th point.

    Thanks for reply

    4. If possible try to be in company's payroll till you complete 180 days after I-140 approval by taking a vacation.


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  • eb3_nepa
    07-15 11:11 PM

    I received this thread from my work computer today. "Your IP address has been banned" Please contact the administrator.

    What gives? Why is my IP banned?

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  • fromnaija
    10-05 06:45 PM
    Could you all please give me an opinion on this situation? I am trying to ask my lawyer, but I won't know for a few days and this is disturbing me a lot!

    I am on H1, 7th year extension. My Labor just got approved. About to file 140. Now my project has apparently lost funding and the employer is offering me a temp job for 6 months till my 140 gets approved so I can use the approved 140 and move. But the catch is the new job requires a new H1 - different job description and pay. Will this affect my 140 filed with the old H1?

    Let your lawyer confirm this: Get your I140 approval, if possible by using premium filing. File for a 3 year H1 extension. After extension, transfer H1 to new employer. Start GC process with new employer but maintaining your PD since your old employer aill not revoke your I140.


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  • permfiling
    03-03 09:11 PM
    I thought of saying "new wife" :-)

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  • mandyharper
    January 30th, 2005, 03:00 PM
    Check out these sites for information

    I got one of Christmas and I am very pleased with it.

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  • micofrost
    07-10 08:29 PM
    If you have a job, getting a work permit will take only 4 hrs inside the consulate. No line. Give the passport and come back within 4 hrs to collect it.
    No labor certification for computer(s/w for sure, dunno about h/w side for sure) professionals or petition. Need to show offer letter from the company and letter from company to the consulate.

    02-04 12:45 PM

    I am in the 485 stage, under EB2 India, but my spouse born in UAE. SO I can cross charge to UAE based on spouse country of Birth. My Employer agrees to files the AOS papers and forwarded to attorney but attorney is not yet agreed to proceed with the processing. He was telling that there is risk in this and need a close attention.

    Any advice appreciated.


    03-26 01:05 AM

    My Company applied PERM in Sept'07 at Chicago. Till now company hasn't heard back yet and now employer is planning to file one more PERM appl. through different Lawyer. Can we file one more application without hearing/know the first case status?

    Appreciate the reply.


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