Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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    Nov 11, 03:39 PM
    From what I've seen at the places I've been as an editor, the people who still have Avid are the ones that invested in it awhile ago and it's cheaper to maintain their current hardware. Though there are certainly desires to switch. I've also seen some places jump from Avid to Final Cut when doing complete system upgrades and ditching their old Power PC machines for Intel ones. Many places that are starting out are also going with Final Cut over anything else out there.

    My Final Cut might not be 64 Bit, but it's doing just fine. Though our graphic designers have seen significant improvements in terms of render times going from After Effects CS4 to CS5, I think I can wait another 6 months and then be blown away by whatever improvement Apple makes to Final Cut.

    Some have said it is most likely to happen early 2012. although Jobs himself has said early 2011. but again like some say. coming from him (steve), early 2011 could very well mean from January to june.

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  • GFLPraxis
    Jul 26, 07:52 PM
    TALK ABOUT PRE-ANNOUNCING :confused: :eek: :confused:

    Remember when SJ said we support BR ?!?!?!!?

    From someone who SWORE NO pre-announcements :eek: :eek:

    And still no BlueRay from Apple :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Uh, genius, Apple doesn't make Blu-ray. Apple has to wait for Sony & Co to release Blu-ray drives, which we all knew would be in late 2006.

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  • Hisdem
    Oct 10, 11:08 PM
    ^What did you use to make the menubar black? I see you have white icons and not the silver ones included in the maxthemes one. :p

    And updating, with black menubar and GeekTool.

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  • hglk
    Apr 29, 01:37 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Among Samsung's patents that Apple allegedly infringed, there's this one:

    U.S. Patent No. 6,292,179 on a "software keyboard system using trace of stylus on a touch screen and method for recognizing key code using the same"

    Which Apple product uses a trace of stylus???

    So doesn't the Nintendo DS infringe in this stylus patent as well??


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  • Daveway
    Feb 14, 10:42 PM
    back to the users..

    Ahh yes. The ones for whom without, the forums would be nothing. Power to the people. We hold the forums by the balls. If we wish to bring the forum to its knees, we could. If we want to make it the greatest forum on the web, we could. :p ;)

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  • Aniej
    Jan 9, 02:43 PM
    I could not disagree more. There is nothing wrong with a focused keynote. In fact, it is somewhat refreshing once and a while to have a situation where the man himself takes the time to really go into what I believe is one of the most revolutionary concepts I have seen. Not only is it functional, but aesthetically it is amazing. The price is high if you were expecting them to give it away, but the fact is they have pulled it off and brought mobile technology to the next level and far beyond.


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  • akrocker29
    Mar 6, 01:59 AM
    Hi, I have unsuccessfully searched the internet for the past 3 hours trying to find a way to jailbreak my ipod in order to play NES games. Help please? I have a PC, if that makes a difference.

    Also, does jailbreaking lower the battery life.

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  • JRoDDz
    Apr 7, 11:06 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8G4)

    25-30 years ago those were cool, even considered cutting edge, but compared with what is on the app store now, the Atari games suck. I'll pass. Not even worth 99 cents.

    I agree.. they're good for about 5 minutes of entertainment.


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  • ComputersaysNo
    Apr 8, 12:11 PM
    check out this resurection of the commodore 64

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  • ipodtoucher
    Apr 10, 07:55 PM
    this is all im getting :/

    Try playing around with the spacing, I did it on mine and I get the full info.


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  • TonySwartz
    Nov 20, 12:20 PM
    Look at Shaw's other "rumors"...

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  • rprebel
    Feb 12, 04:48 PM
    Here's a larger version I made from a much larger image I found on

    Original (


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  • Dusky600
    Apr 25, 07:36 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Have people maybe stoped to think, that we may not get a new model this year? That the reason they are putting out the white model now, is to cover the fact we won't see a update till next year?

    i didnt read all the comments, but this is my opinion right here, this white iphone 4 launch makes absolutely no sense unless apple is planning to let it run for at least another 6 to 8 months without announcing any new hardware.

    i suppose the new iphone 5 will only come out a lot latter than speculated and probably the supposed better guts will be a iphone 4 s just with better insides.

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  • wyatt23
    Jun 26, 12:40 AM
    $30/shipped for one?


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  • livingfortoday
    Sep 28, 03:20 PM
    Okay, I need to know if you guys think this makes sense, or if I'm over-reaching here. Also, if you'd think this would even make sense as a setup. I trust (most) of your opinions, so ya know... lemme know!

    I have a Cube which I use at home as my desktop, and my Powerbook which I lug around to class to take notes and do work and check email on the fly. I'm thinking about setting up a little Powerbook station next to my Cube, so that when I get home I can plug it in and sync up files with the Cube as well as do work on either computer. I'm thinking of setting up a KVM switch between the Cube and Powerbook, so when I come home I can use the same monitor (planning on a 20" Dell WS so I can have two docs open simultaneously) and keyboard on either computer. I'd probably run the Powerbook with the lid down (I'm pretty sure there's a hack for this) and just use the main monitor. I'm gonna set up a router to hook up both computers, with a network drive that both would sync files up on. That way any work done on either machine would be synced up on the other one, and backed up on the network drive.

    Now, that's my plan. I think it'd really help me manage my time better, especially considering iCal on both computers seems to have completely different info, so I'm sure figuring out how to sync that up would be of great help. Being able to back up and sync up files on the move like that would be great, too.

    So. What do you guys think? Does that make sense? Is it too ambitious? Am I making things a lot more complex than they need to be? Tips, suggestions, general verbal abuse? Your input's important to me, thanks!

    Oh, and if this was posted in the wrong forum, feel free to move it, Buying tips and such just made the most sense for me.

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  • MacBoobsPro
    Nov 29, 01:01 PM
    If he had just put "profit" that would be a fair judgemnt.

    But that's not exactly what he said. The actual quote is:
    "3) ????? 4) PROFIT!"

    That's different. It's an old joke. I guess you've never seen it before.

    Yes I have seen it and now it has been pointed out it is quite funny :D


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  • zen.state
    Apr 5, 03:29 AM
    One more thing.. be sure to flash them one at a time with only the one you're flashing in. Then take that out and flash the other.

    What you're doing is actually a firmware down grade. Be sure to check that each is not already 5.1.3. Since they are used they may have the older version. It's funny how the newest is 5.3.2 yet 5.1.3 is the only one everyone has good results with on G4's.

    I have been through the SATA PCI card growing pains myself so I just wanted to offer my experience. Not that there are many pains at all but little things like proper firmware are very important. Once thats taken care of it will be 100% seamless and work like it's onboard SATA.

    EDIT: Right after posting this I see it's all taken care of now other than the wiring. Just go to a local PC shop and get the proper adapters. Maybe 1-2 bucks each.

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  • jimjiminyjim
    Nov 3, 07:06 PM
    Two favorites:
    Goldberg. Very simple. I use it for resizing images for use on webpages.
    Libra. An iTunes Library manager without duplicates of your music files.
    MacJournal. Yep. A journal. Lots of functions.

    edit: I can't count.

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  • JoeG4
    Jan 18, 12:41 AM
    I don't get why Americans like bigger cars.

    So we could make you feel better about yourselves driving small cars.

    More likely: In Europe and Asia, the cities were built before cars, so they have narrower streets. In the US, some big cities were built before cars, but most were built for wagon/car/whatever traffic and since there was so much empty space, they made more room for it.

    I know, there is empty space in other countries. Got that. I also know that some people think we should live like sardines, but not having to worry about your neighbor's rowhouse catching on fire and burning yours down, or their filthy habits getting you sick is nice. It's also nice to not hear your neighbor flushing the toilet and/or what show they're watching on TV.

    Yes, I understand if you live in a 350 year old building made out of 24" thick plaster/cement/adobe walls you won't hear your neighbor. OTOH, you probably don't have to worry about the ground shaking under you.. well, you might have to worry about the volcano nearby exploding into your house or something but.. that's different right?

    Anyway, long story short, small cars fit small streets better.

    In the US, small cars aren't a necessity, and since they're cheaper to make than big cars, they tend to be sold for those who want a new car but can't afford a bigger car. Aside from the 50s/50s/70s, I don't think size was really seen as a luxury thing - right now this country is choke full of people ashamed to be considered American that would love to have a tiny, really expensive European car to show how not stereotypical fat american they are XD

    Jun 7, 07:58 PM
    Its in really good condition and comes with original documentation, accessories, floppys, documentation box, etc.

    It doesn't come with the original box however.


    Feb 18, 12:31 AM
    So there is/was a massive Solar Flare ( hitting us recently and at my parents house the lights started flickering around 6pm tonight (thursday, 02.17). Just now thought that that could have been because of this recent solar flare affecting the powergrid.

    cool vids from NASA (

    Mar 30, 06:16 PM
    didn't know that. i've use some 6200s before, but have never owned/used a MDD... wonder why it won't work? did you tape the pins, tried all the other tricks? voltage problem perhaps?!? learn something new every day around here. long live PPC!

    I didn't do the pin covering on my 6200. I bought it from that same vendor but reflashed it myself with a faster ROM. He did the pin work and I reflashed it. On both that sellers auctions and others as well as other 6200 for Mac info I have read they all say no MDD support. Must be something to do with voltage or pins. It's AGP 4x like the Digital Audio and Quicksilver which work with the 6200. Strange..

    The more common Geforce 6200 ROM's for Mac are downclocked a bit as about half the 6200 Mac market or more are used in G4 Cubes. This is obviously done to lower heat. The GPU runs at 300MHz on the Cube/common ROM and 350mhz on the ROM I reflashed with. The VRAM is 533MHz on both ROM's.

    Apr 4, 11:26 AM
    I bet they did this 1) because they can and 2) to stop people from upgrading early and reselling the phones for profit

    Apr 4, 01:49 PM
    Legally, if you make any kind of contract, you have to identify yourself.

    No you don't.

    Because the Financial Times wants it that way. The company offers its content to subscribers under certain conditions, and it is free do so. If the company should not be allowed to do that for the sake of consumer protection, then there should be laws to prohibit such practice. If you personally do not agree with the conditions of the subscription, then you are always free to decide not to subscribe. If it turns out that their decision keeps customers from subscribing, then they might choose to reconsider.

    True. They can refuse to sell their news to anyone who wants to be anonymous. They can also refuse to sell their news to anyone who refuses to give them blood, name their firstborn Nancy, or any other legal condition they wish to impose.

    That doesn't mean Apple is wrong for trying to prevent the use of their platform to facilitate the operation of such objectionable conditions precedent, and it doesn't mean that the FT business model, operating this way, is sustainable in the long term.

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