Saturday, May 21, 2011

new kate winslet haircut

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  • Burger Thing
    Mar 31, 09:12 PM
    They ought to have a 'classic' mode for iCal so people can choose...i know it won't happen though

    Great. Then we could choose between a 'classic' and a last century look. :p

    As someone mentioned before, I find it hard to believe that a company with a designer talent which Ive is, would dare to publish an eye turd like that? :confused:

    If they really want software to resemble real world objects, then please make iCal to look like the Pirelli Calendar...

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  • MrMoore
    Mar 31, 03:33 PM
    To be fair, the brushed metal interface first debuted in 1999 with Quicktime 4.0. Compared to the horrendous user interfaces of the time period, that looks amazing. It is sad though that it took them until leopard to get rid of it...

    It's not the brush metal that was bad. It was the Volume Dial on the left side to appear like a dial on a device. To change the volume was difficult.

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  • skunk
    Feb 12, 07:12 PM
    He makes me think of his father: in two or three years, Aaron Sorkin will put together a TV series where Charlie Sheen plays the (heretofore unmentioned) son of Jed Bartlett, who has somehow managed to become president...

    The Wasted Wing?It's happened before...

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  • CFreymarc
    Apr 6, 03:45 AM
    I think people who say that no new iphone 5 is going to be announced are people who just got a Verizon iPhone and are on contract and so they hope that no new iPhone comes out.

    Or we can objectively look at Apple's past product release history and elaborate from that.


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  • dethmaShine
    Apr 12, 10:29 AM
    LOL...Right after Launcher Pro 3.


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  • Evangelion
    Aug 16, 08:06 AM
    That sounds similar to that Apple advert from years ago whcih showed a concept of the future where you would have a true conversation way of working with a computer. We are slowly, but surely moving there.

    "Computer! Computer? Hello computer"

    "Just use the keyboard"

    "Keyboard? How quaint"


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  • alent1234
    Nov 10, 03:44 PM
    I wonder what battery life will be like.

    Also, how many people downloaded it just so they could watch porn?

    i've had my battery percentage drop while plugged in while watching some iphone compatible video

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  • Krafty
    Sep 14, 12:36 AM
    Some good ass korean food


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  • gr8whtd0pe
    Jan 31, 08:32 AM
    I have to ask... :zipsupflamesuit: whats an iTouch? :rolleyes:

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  • kiljoy616
    Apr 28, 09:56 PM
    Ok, so maybe now we know how they fixed the bleeding problem with the light, make it thicker added more layers to to make sure they don't have the light problem.

    Either way you either like it or not, I will stick with black :)


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  • fel10
    Nov 8, 10:23 AM
    Here are a few things I would like for Christimas!

    iLife 11

    $50 iTunes Gift Card

    Final Fantasy 13 Soundtrack

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  • chrmjenkins
    Nov 1, 11:52 AM
    Just looking forward to a nice relaxing holiday with my wife and dogs. I don't need anything.


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  • CubaTBird
    Jul 21, 07:33 PM
    This is awesome. The fact that Apple has gone above and beyond that 3% that we have seemed to stayed at for so long is most awesome. :o

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  • Plutonius
    Apr 26, 09:52 AM
    and Plutonious, are you voting for me only since i voted for you?

    The first turn is tough since we don't have much to go on. I would have voted for Jav if I was responding to a vote for me but I figure he's still very pissed at me for getting his WW hung last game (he said I was very annoying last game so he probably considers me his new Aggie :D ). However, it is possible that he's a WW trying to get rid of me (like last game).

    In your case, I have to agree with Appleguy that your voting post was somewhat strange like the last game when you were a WW. That's why I switched my vote to you.


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  • Abstract
    Dec 30, 12:59 AM
    Anyone watch 1000 Ways To Die ( on Spike? I can only take so much but it's good sometimes when I'm stuck in a hotel. Today a xtra large woman having sexual relations, while on top fainted and smothered her poor helpless partner who could not get out from under her.

    How could he move her when he probably broke his back during sex?

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  • boursin
    Sep 12, 08:22 PM
    Got this shirt this morning...


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  • wmk461
    Jan 30, 02:08 PM
    Save your liberal banter, chicken little.

    Liberal banter = common sense and simple logic for the intelligent.... Too many people are so caught up in their lives that they forget the trauma of the past. History repeats itself and the market is like a roller coaster... remember the 1980's? Or even worse the 1930's.... Tech Stock is not going to hold. I am betting on Gold to hit at least 1500.00 in the next coming months and then upwards to the 2000.00 range.

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  • mucke12
    May 3, 08:25 AM
    Hyper-Threading (Intel Core i7 only) � a technology that allows two threads to run simultaneously on each core. So a quad-core iMac has eight virtual cores, all of which are recognized by Mac OS X. This enables the processor to deliver faster performance by spreading tasks more evenly across a greater number of cores.


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  • Tower-Union
    Sep 20, 10:08 AM
    Disregard, did a little googling :p

    May 3, 08:07 AM
    $100 says that in 2 months we will hear about screen flickering issues. :rolleyes:

    Apr 22, 06:54 PM
    This mockup does not put the mute rocker on the side - whoops.

    As long as battery life and CPU speed go up, i'll be a happy camper.

    Apr 26, 02:40 PM
    duh. Did anyone really think Apple would do something without charging?

    Apr 29, 10:47 AM
    Ah.... I cry foul. Not real at all.

    I did not cry foul. I did not photoshop this picture. How would i even go about doing that. There was no keyboard or mouse. and you can obviously see that the virtual keyword is present on the screen in the picture. :apple:

    Jul 18, 01:16 PM
    Ah, sterile?

    and obviously in denial about it too

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