Tuesday, May 24, 2011

roy jones jr

roy jones jr. Roy Jones Jr. to fight Denis
  • Roy Jones Jr. to fight Denis

  • CubusX
    Oct 1, 06:11 AM
    Dropped calls is a feature of the iphone... enjoy ;)

    There's an app for that.:)

    roy jones jr. roy jones jr. boxing
  • roy jones jr. boxing

  • digitalnicotine
    Jan 31, 01:47 AM
    @neko girl

    Um... what? I mean what did you purchase? (looks cool) :)

    roy jones jr. Anderson Silva and Roy Jones
  • Anderson Silva and Roy Jones

  • judethat
    Apr 16, 12:54 AM
    on my first gen ipad I had problems installing and had to do a restore, but after restore its working just fine.

    roy jones jr. Roy Jones Jr. vs.
  • Roy Jones Jr. vs.

  • ZooCrewMan
    Jan 30, 10:32 AM
    Apple's stock (APPL in NYSE) has plummeted $68 in the last 30 days (from $198 to $130 or 35%) does anyone know what has caused this? Curious...


    Simple, it was overpriced.


    roy jones jr. Roy Jones, Jr.
  • Roy Jones, Jr.

  • seanpholman
    Mar 15, 10:44 AM
    Damn traffic.


    roy jones jr. Joe Calzaghe and Roy Jones Jr.
  • Joe Calzaghe and Roy Jones Jr.

  • plinden
    Oct 19, 02:25 PM
    ... try bringing a white MacBook ... into a corporate office meeting...
    I brought my wife's white MB into work last week to test out our webapps on a Mac (because the cheap b'staards won't even pay $600 for the cheapest Mini) and I got a lot of interest from the rest of the developers ("What? They got you a Mac? How'd you manage that?) - 95% of whom are males in their 20s and 30s.


    roy jones jr. ERIC LUCAS

  • SilianRail
    Apr 13, 02:41 PM
    How dumb do people have to be to think that Apple is going to enter a mature market for a commodity?

    roy jones jr. Roy Jones Jr. Defeats Felix
  • Roy Jones Jr. Defeats Felix

  • M-5
    Apr 14, 01:27 PM
    Ugh, I finally caught up with the latest firmware version while jailbroken last week, and then this is released. I wouldn't have a problem with it if I didn't suffer from the Facetime glitchiness that I'm now experiencing on 4.3.1.


    roy jones jr. Roy Jones Jr vs John Ruiz
  • Roy Jones Jr vs John Ruiz

  • grassland
    Apr 3, 03:34 PM
    caught in the garden

    roy jones jr. Roy Jones, Jr., and ten of his
  • Roy Jones, Jr., and ten of his

  • mc68k
    Oct 30, 01:33 AM
    cool thats probably it then, the -16.

    the processor trick is with the dev tools. there's a prefpane where u can turn off individual cores, and turn off hyperthreading. too bad there's not a dev tool for overclocking ;)


    roy jones jr. Boxing: Roy Jones Jr shows the
  • Boxing: Roy Jones Jr shows the

  • MacinDoc
    Apr 13, 06:35 PM
    what are they gonna call it? Apple tv?

    roy jones jr. Roy Jones Jr. is apparently
  • Roy Jones Jr. is apparently

  • ChrisGonzales90
    Jun 6, 01:17 PM
    Not really, because you can refuse delivery of a package for a full refund off Amazon. Digital content like Apps are generally non-refundable.

    Unless apple created a way where the app won't work under that account. To use it you'll have to buy it again.


    roy jones jr. Roy Jones Jr. Roy Jones Jr.
  • Roy Jones Jr. Roy Jones Jr.

  • NoExpectations
    Sep 30, 07:03 PM
    Thanks for the replies...

    Ok, so AT&T definitely drops calls; that's a given it seems...but for current customers is the dropped calls enough of a pain to leave AT&T/iPhone and go to another carrier??

    Thank you,


    I recommend trying it yourself.....you have 30 days to try it and see if you experience dropped calls in your area.

    roy jones jr. Roy Jones Jr. - Boxer,
  • Roy Jones Jr. - Boxer,

  • Silencio
    Apr 11, 02:28 PM
    USB 2.0 is definitely not fast enough to saturate a hard drives speed, it's very limiting.

    Firewire 800 isn't fast enough to saturate multi-drive RAIDs, either.

    I'm really looking forward to Mac minis with Thunderbolt. Hook them up to some nice 4+ drive external RAIDs with Thunderbolt and I can replace a bunch of aging Xserves and PowerMac G5 servers with much smaller and much faster replacements.


    roy jones jr. Roy Jones Jr. was
  • Roy Jones Jr. was

  • bluebomberman
    Jul 11, 04:05 PM
    I dunno, the XBox seems to be doing pretty well, and I don't see how one could say that Microsoft had a monopolistic advantage there. All they really had was a brand name and mucho $$$ for marketing, and they managed to establish a foothold in the game industry.

    The first XBox lost lots of buckets of money. Jury's still out on XBox 360.

    roy jones jr. Painting Roy Jones Jr!
  • Painting Roy Jones Jr!

  • iDutchman
    Nov 8, 03:12 PM
    Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 Computer Speakers

    I can't really recommend those B&W MM-1 Speakers. My wife uses them (see setup threat somewhere) and the sound really is quite a bummer. The design is awesome though. but for 500 eu or 700 dollars, I really feel it's a NO GO

    The Harman Kardon Soundsticks II that I use produce a much better sound at a much better price.

    But h�, that's me :rolleyes:


    roy jones jr. Roy Jones Jr.:
  • Roy Jones Jr.:

  • Plymouthbreezer
    Apr 28, 08:53 PM



    WTF ... who uses cases? And who cares for cases?

    If I look at people with their iphones, i see like less than 5% using anything on their phones. And all of them use the Apple bumper on some iphone 4. I've seen hundreds of iphones in the wild, but I still have to see one non-bumper case in the wild.

    Grow up guys ...

    P.S.: WTF does one use a case for? To make the phone THICKER? UGLIER?
    In Boston, mostly everyone I know with an iPhone, including myself, uses a case. It's more surprising when you see someone NOT using a case.

    I use a case so it doesn't get as damaged in my pocket, and in the event you drop the device, there may be some saving grace that it doesn't shatter the glass.

    roy jones jr. Roy Jones Jr.
  • Roy Jones Jr.

  • chew63
    Apr 22, 10:36 AM
    Does anybody actually know someone using the Thunderbolt? It's fast, but the 4G network destroys the battery life. The people I know have to charge it 3 times a day.

    Will Apple release a phone that has to be recharged 3 times a day? Um...No. This is one reason they don't go ahead and jump in the pool.

    and btw, Sprint's "4G" is not true 4G, just an accelerated form of hspa+.

    roy jones jr. roy jones jr
  • roy jones jr

  • Moyank24
    May 1, 11:42 PM
    Yeah, it's all about one guy who was leader of the bad men. And none of the bad men could think for themselves, and now he's gone, they won't know what to do - and we'll all be happy and safe.
    Sleep well!

    I don't think anyone believes that this will be the end of terrorism. Just like America wouldn't collapse if our President was assassinated. But it would still be a pretty big deal right?

    Oct 20, 10:14 PM
    Looks like 45 mins is more realistic. These chips seems as fast as i920, Impressive.

    Oct 18, 04:24 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com)

    Apple released (http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2006/oct/18results.html) preliminary fourth quarter 2006 financial results today. These results may be subject to significant adjustments.

    Apple posted revenue of $4.84 billion with a net quarterly profit of $546 million, or $.62 per diluted share. These results compare to revenue of $3.68 billion and net profit of $430 million, or $.50 per diluted share, in the year-ago quarter. Gross margin was 29.2 percent, up from 28.1 percent in the year-ago quarter. International sales accounted for 40 percent of the quarter’s revenue.

    1,610,000 Macs and 8,729,000 iPods were shipped this quarter representing a 30 percent growth in Macs and 35 percent growth in iPods over the year-ago quarter.

    “This strong quarter caps an extraordinary year for Apple. Selling more than 39 million iPods and 5.3 million Macs while performing an incredibly complex architecture transition is something we are all very proud of,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “Looking forward, 2007 is likely to be one of the most exciting new product years in Apple’s history.”

    “We are pleased to have finished the year with over $10 billion in cash and to have increased annual revenue by $11 billion in the last two years,” said Peter Oppenheimer, Apple’s CFO. “Looking ahead to the first fiscal quarter of we expect revenue of $6.0 to $6.2 billion and earnings per diluted share of $.70 to $.73.”

    May 1, 10:34 PM

    Sep 30, 10:21 AM
    In 2005 AT&T was passing out 3G SIMS like raffle tickets in phones that weren't 3G -I need some internal wireless guru to tell if that extra hand-off doesn't make a difference.

    That makes no difference whatsoever.

    A 2G phone simply ignores the 3G features of the USIM.

    As far as the 2G phone is concerned, 3G doesn't exist. It has no impact on any network (2G or 3G).

    Nov 7, 02:06 PM
    Does anyone have an idea of what (if anything) this does that Parallels doesn't? Parallels has done a great job and is really great except for the video acceleration. If someone could figure that out and let us play XP games in OS X I would be one happy guy.
    I anticipate Fusion to be better than Parallels in the following area,
    Virtualization of more than one CPU
    Support for more than one network card
    Better USB 1.1 implementation
    USB 2.0
    More robust with multiple VMs
    Far better customer support.

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