Tuesday, May 24, 2011

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  • benjayman2
    Nov 24, 06:57 PM
    TUCH Satchel. I have the iPhone 4 case he makes and it's amazing.

    If you ever get it please do a review.

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  • MacSA
    Jul 10, 10:10 AM
    Lets hope it doesnt end up costing as much as MS Office....:eek:

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  • Rodimus Prime
    Apr 29, 02:57 PM
    can anyone tell me why this market is so important? even at .99 cents a song the margins for the retailer can't be that much.

    well per song not much but it adds up fast. Even if Amazon and Apple only bring in 10-15 cents per song at .99 cents per song. That adds up fast.

    Between Amazon and Apple I like Amazon better. Plus I get like 10 bucks a year in free song from Amazon for text books I buy threw them. It is a nice bonus and I can promise you doing that little give away has pushed me to buy more text books from Amazon proving they are the same price as lets say B&N or the campus book store but often times Amazon is the cheapest and I am running on my free Amazon Prime for student member ship 2 day shipping to boot.

    Apple pays 70% straight to the record companies, which would be $0.90. If Amazon pays the same, then they have $0.21 loss before they even start. Or Amazon gets different prices than Apple, which would need some explaining.

    depends on the song what Apple and Amazon pays.
    But as for the explain why Amazon would get a lower price. Record company hate the control Apple has and they are trying to break it and chances are Amazon has other options for those same record company to sell products threw them. like CD and if they owned or own other companies that sell complete different products like Sony which sells TV, dvd players ect.

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  • dethmaShine
    Apr 13, 07:12 AM
    You sound like I am against it.

    Yes. You sounded like one. But apologies if you weren't.

    In my opinion, dashboard is coming with iOS 5.0.

    Apple did incorporate dashboard in iPhone OS 1.0 with the first iPhone but due to issues with performance they had to remove it.

    This can be verified by debugging and going through iPhoneOS 1.0; navigating to /Library/Widgets folder. It was empty though.

    Personalization is good. But the way its done on Android is ridiculous.
    + Widgets should always be sandboxed, the way they are in Dashboard.
    [Both Google & MS failed to understand that btw]

    I think personalization is good till the time it hinders the brand and brand quality. Folders/Wallpaper[:p] were one way to achieve that. There 'might' be more in the future but I highly doubt that.

    All I can vouch for is that dashboard is coming in iOS 5.0.

    Personalization in its entirety? Never in iOS 5.0.


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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 28, 05:03 PM
    I must believe this. They have pictures!


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  • Cloudane
    Jan 25, 06:39 PM
    Not a stock expert, but I do know the tech industry on the whole is suffering a bit of a slump at the moment. Redundancy cometh where I work.


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  • Dont Hurt Me
    Oct 18, 08:00 PM
    Those numbers are sweet but I would like to see a breakdown of each model. Also the market worldwide if im not mistaken is growing at what 10% a year yet Apples desk tops grew at 4%? If so why?

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  • twoodcc
    Nov 30, 08:05 PM
    But you have to run windows... GPU3 will apparently allow macs to run the gpu client because of open CL, and also help ATI which are fairings very poorly right now in Folding.

    yeah i know, which stinks, but at least windows 7 is a little better.

    here's the problem for me and the bigadv units: i can't really use the computer for anything else. but with the gpus going, i can still use the system.

    gpu3 will be good, but still, apple doesn't allow for all the video cards though


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  • Cigsm
    Apr 30, 07:45 PM
    Stealing cars is free too, what's your point?

    Torrents are free! :D

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  • icrew
    Oct 24, 07:50 AM
    For me, the biggest news is the 3GB of RAM and 200GB of disk that's available now--frankly the 2GB in my MBP-CD (Core Duo--how are we going to distinguish them now?) is a bit anemic, especially for running Parallels and PowerPC apps simultaneously.

    (At least I'll finally get my boss to order one, so I can play with one of the new ones....)

    Edit: Can't seem to add the new 15 to my shopping cart from the edu (College/University Proposal) store--just get:
    "Your session has timed out after a period of inactivity. Please return to the Store Menu to continue shopping." I can add other items to the cart from that store, so it's just something that's screwed up. Sigh. Guess I should just go back to bed and wait awhile!



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  • Rocketman
    Oct 18, 07:19 PM
    It is interesting to read the long list of disclosed risks in the financial statement news release on the Apple website.


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  • iEvolution
    Apr 29, 08:26 PM
    Sorry, I'm actually being sarcastic, but you will find a lot of users here who behave just as I have described. You'd think that they sat on the board of directors. I agree with you, competition is good and it is good to be open minded and not have blind loyalty to one company. But the majority here will disagree with that.

    LOL pretty sad when I couldn't read that as sarcasm as it is not unheard of that people are like that on this board.


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  • Frisco
    Aug 15, 08:42 PM
    Is anyone else bothered by the button to buy more batteries?

    Yes, it seems like a Microsoft thing.

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  • NightFox
    Mar 31, 11:59 AM
    After all, Mac is sold to consumers, so why not give them the choise of colors, at least in their programs, if their computers are cold/neutrla grey/silver/white colored?

    CHOICE? :eek: Apple? Consider yourself privileged that you're allowed to set your own desktop wallpaper. Though are you still able to in Lion?


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  • MacVibe
    Apr 13, 07:28 PM
    Right on schedule!

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  • br0adband
    Nov 4, 10:43 PM
    Hmmm, and I thought it was down to me running it on a MacBook ( 2Ghz,2GB ). For the money I paid for it, it's a useful ( but not great ) product. However, I've found the support to be abysmal, and that's as important to me, as how it runs.

    I've only had a quick scan of this thread, but does anyone with a C2D based machine have it running? Any problems? ( thinking of Parallels C2D debacle, here ).

    I have a 20" iMac Core 2 Duo with 2GB and the stock 250GB hard drive. I'm running Parallels 24/7 with XP on a second 20" LCD monitor - OSX on the left on the iMac itself, XP on the right with the second LCD dedicated to running XP fullscreen.

    I've rebooted twice in 3 weeks just because some software on the OSX side required a reboot.

    To be honest, I've had more application crashes and restarts on OSX than I have under XP/Windows in the past 3 years. So much for "crash resistant" - and yes, I've had 4 kernel panics since I got this iMac home; that's more than the number of BSODs I've had under XP in 4 years.

    So, in the next day or so I'll be doing the following test batch and making a thread here for the results:

    - I'll be installing Parallels build 1970 clean
    - I'll be installing the current beta build of VMWare Fusion clean
    - I'll be installing XP SP2 *only* in default VMs under each of those two applications
    - I will not be updating the SP2 at all, in fact neither VM will have Internet access to keep that aspect out of the testing
    - I will install Windows Media Player 10 and Windows Media Encoder 9 as supplied by Microsoft for testing (see the next step)
    - I will be installing PCMark05 from Futuremark into each VM for comprehensive testing under both applications (WMP10 and WME9 are required components of PCMark05, hence me installing them in the prior step)

    I will then run the default benchmark in PCMark05 with the following stipulations:


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  • FloatingBones
    Nov 20, 01:03 AM
    I don't need to do squat guy.

    If you don't address those very good reasons, your argument won't be very convincing. We do not want the CPU suck, the identity leaking, the UI inconsistencies, and the very real risk of "zero day" Adobe bugs.

    WTF do I care about your reasons for wanting to take away my choice to use Flash? I don't.

    In other words, you are not competent to carry on a rational discussion. You're just here to vent.

    It's not about "propping up" flash, it's about being able to access TODAY'S Internet, not hoping some day that we won't need Flash.

    Users of those 120M+ devices don't have to hope. They are already free of Flash!

    We just want to use the Internet unfettered by Steve Jobs playing the part of a Communist Dictator.

    The analogy makes no sense. Nobody is forcing you to use any Apple product.

    If you really want the "full web experience" of zero-day Adobe bugs, get an Android phone. Note: Android phones were vulnerable to the last zero-day Adobe bug. (http://www.grc.com/sn/sn-273.txt)

    The only reasons I see from you are excuses to praise Steve.

    The fact that I can't catch zero-day Adobe attacks on my iPhone is a great reason to praise Apple's decision.

    which does NOTHING to make other Flash functions work, BTW, leaving many sites useless even so

    Do tell: what exact sites are you talking about? What exact legacy flash applications are running on those sites to which you can find no substitute?

    It's a drop in the ocean compared to the world at large nor should they have to be held hostage by Steve Jobs whose sole goal in life is to get you to pay him for every little thing you do in this world.

    Nobody is holding a gun to your head. Nobody is holding you hostage.

    If you don't like the choices that Apple made, then ditch your iOS device and get an Android. Simple.

    He wants to push his warped agendas and ring every last cent out of you no matter how inconvenient it might be to you.

    This is the first little lie in your rant. The iOS users don't find it inconvenient. If Flash were so damn important to them, they would have bought some device that could run Flash.

    The people who bought those 120M+ devices disagree with you.

    He wants to force the destruction of flash by denying his customers access to a large percentage of the world's web sites all the time while lying about iOS devices being able to access the 'real' or 'full' Internet.

    This is the second little lie. Apple did provide a choice: they approved the SkyFire App. They didn't have to do that.

    Apple has also announced they will approve Flash Apps using Adobe's cross-compiler for iOS. If there actually are crucial Flash apps -- you haven't named a single specific one so far -- the owners of those apps should be able to easily cross-compile their apps for the iOS App Store.

    if you don't have Flash, you don't have the full Internet.

    And that is the third little lie. Flash is a proprietary and legacy platform. It's on the way down now.

    Even Adobe has acknowledged that a Flash-only choice is a bankrupt strategy (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1039999). After websites start offering their content with an open standard, you've gotta ask: what exactly is the value in continuing to prop up Flash?

    I just want innovative products. That is what Steve is good at. That doesn't mean I want his arrogant ego side pushing those products with restrictions that have nothing to do with the technology and only to do with Steve's need to be a control freak.

    And this is number four. If those words were true, you would be able to explain why my four huge concerns for running Flash in iOS Safari are not valid. But you can't do that!

    If the flash experience is so great, please tell us what exact Flash sites are you talking about? What exact legacy flash applications are running on those sites to which you can find no substitute on your iOS device?

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  • erzhik
    Apr 24, 11:52 AM

    I thought AT&T's buyout means T-Mobile is going bye-bye?

    408 area code, that means cali. is that steve jobs' personal number? :P

    They won't. Even if this deal gets approved, T-Mobile will remain a separate company. Everything will remain as it is, except the fact that all revenue will go to AT&T.

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  • SciFrog
    Oct 13, 07:36 PM
    To become a relevant team, we need to reach 250k units per day, almost double the current rate. We need 70 more iMacs/MacBooks or 5 8-core systems.

    May 2, 03:26 AM
    Great news! Shame its taken so long but at least we got him eventually! :D

    Now lets hope this is declared a national holiday and Apple releases the new iMac with a discount to celebrate :D

    Will you keep Apple outta this? :d

    Apr 14, 05:21 AM
    they probably fixed the issue months ago, considering its no problem on the iPad 2 and they just haven't released it just yet to have an excuse to push the iPhone 5 further away

    Oct 24, 09:12 AM
    I'm still holding out for C2D Macbooks, I hope they release them, I don't want a MBP!
    Me either, well I do - I just can't afford it :] haha

    Going to New York in December so I'm getting one cheap. I just hope it's update by then and not Jan. I'd be so P*ssed! lol

    Mar 11, 02:26 PM
    Brea Mall update:

    Two employees came by about 10 minutes ago. They were counting the line, I am #204. line is at ~250-300, and they cannot guarantee stock for anyone just now getting here. For those who do come, I'm wearing a vintage Apple Mission Impossible shirt and am across from red robin.

    Apr 20, 10:57 AM
    Lol ok buddy. Hope your not waiting for there to be a backlit keyboard in the air because I doubt there will be. Apple took it out of the MBA for a reason not for the heck of it

    lol, hope not so. Here are some other reasons: a 2 kg mbp 13 is a little bit too heavy for me as i need to travel around with a notebook to process my photos. 2 years ago i sold my t61 and replaced it with a x61 because t61 is too heavy and the cdrom is really useless to me. so when i got that the 2011 new mbp is equipped with a superdrive, i was really disappointed.

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