Thursday, May 26, 2011

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  • Corey Grandy
    Jan 27, 04:41 PM
    $9.99 taxes in, couldn't say no to that.

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  • Young Leo - Leonardo Dicaprio

  • Paul Graham
    Jan 26, 06:42 AM
    $90 shipped for 2TB on newegg. Can't beat that. (link ($S300W$

    I already have one and just bought the very same again! Very good ext drives!

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  • WestonHarvey1
    Apr 22, 09:46 AM
    I still haven't seen the "killer app" that makes this higher mobile speed something I can't wait another year for. I know that's not the smartest way of looking at it - the higher speeds bring the innovations we haven't imagined yet. But I'm not seeing them on the Android platform, either.

    It seems to mostly benefit tethering - but tethering benefits other devices and not the mobile handled experience.

    Fast access to these new cloud music storage services is interesting, but the data caps practically kill their usefulness.

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  • Zepaw
    Mar 29, 10:55 PM
    It's my guess that many here seriously think WWDC is just a show for Apple to give a keynote and call it a day.

    That is all it is for most people. I barely know what WWDC is, I just know I usually end up watching a keynote online from it.


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  • seanpholman
    Mar 15, 10:28 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_6 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8E200 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Sean - there's dudes in this line who came from South Coast and said that South Coast had none

    Thanks, just dropped my daughter off and on my way to FI.


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  • Thomas Veil
    Mar 8, 05:59 AM
    Why? Was it because of something he posted on Facebook? :DLOL!

    In all'd be a hoot if they hired Emilio Estevez. Can you imagine the intra-family squabble that might set up?? :D


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  • Leonardo DiCaprio#39;s childhood

  • yellow
    Dec 1, 02:37 PM
    An interesting read in response to the kernel panic ability of the .DMG vulnerability:

    Guess what I found? Not only is lmh’s diagnosis completely incorrect, but the problem isn’t a security flaw at all, let alone a critical, highly critical, or warn-everyone-via-the-BBC type event.

    A very insteresting read.. most of which I only barely grasp. Object oriented programming just makes my eyes glaze thinking about it.. The gist:

    So, what have we learned:

    • It is not a memory overwrite bug.

    • It is not exploitable, except in that you can kernel panic a machine if you can persuade a user to double-click a damaged dmg file.

    • It is not, therefore, possible to use this bug for privilege elevation or to execute arbitrary code in the kernel.

    In fact, all lmh has found here is a bug that causes a kernel panic. Not a security flaw. Not a memory corruption bug. Just a completely orderly kernel panic. There aren’t even any processor exceptions involved; the path to the panic is perfectly normal non-exceptional code using ordinary function calls.

    AppleTalk: Who uses it, and why?

    No one.. and stangely it's now ON by DEFAULT in all the MacTels I've received lately. No idea why.

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  • ciTiger
    Apr 14, 01:11 PM
    Any baseband update on this?


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  • Leonardo DiCaprio Myspace

  • KyPosey
    Jan 26, 11:40 AM

    yeah im behind the times.

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  • DaveGee
    Apr 12, 08:53 PM
    Could someone clarify this for me: Aren't hard drives too slow to make use of Thunderbolt anyway? In a typical USB 2.0 external hard drive, what is the bottleneck in speed: The speed at which the hard drive spins, or the USB 2.0 connection? If it's the USB, then why do people even care about the RPM of a drive? If it's the RPM, then isn't USB 2.0 fast enough to run a hard drive at its native speed?

    Let's look at it a different way...

    Almost every residential building in NYC has 1/4" to 1/2" (diameter) copper water pipes for their city water service... Even skyscrapers are mostly fitted with similar sized pipes for 99% of it's living spaces.. So, why is NYC paying billions of dollars to have a 24 feet diameter water pipe constructed to bring water down from the reservoirs or why build a 12+ lane super-highway when a car is only one lane in width?

    B_A_N_D_W_I_D_T_H B_A_B_Y!!

    Usage of TB technology is not restricted to a single user (device) at a time... TB is very much like a the PCI bus found in modern PC's, cept it's all done on a much smaller interconnect... It's really very sweet you can literally have 3 or 4 monitors running off of it as well as accessing a very high speed NAS and reading from a bluray drive (not playing from it ... but thats not the fault of TB)... It can literally have EVERYTHING and ANYTHING plugged into it.... Well put it this way... if something can be engineered to operate in a PCI slot... It'll work just fine as a TB device.


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  • NT1440
    May 1, 11:37 PM
    It is not me who decided ... Osama was a Terrorist long before 911 ... you do not seem to know of his involvement ... you should read up on his life of Terrorism.

    Oh have done some reading about our former ally then?

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  • Leonardo DiCaprio#39;s Hot Photo

  • sciwizam
    Apr 23, 04:17 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Seriously? An apple rumors forum is no place fo a shareholder? That's absurd.

    "As you can see 260K people bought HTC Thunderbolt since Verizon started selling them (about a month). This translates to about 3 million phones annually. Clearly the demand is there. Also, you keep forgetting that other phones have swappable batteries."

    If you want to play numbers, the iPhone on Verizon (same carrier as thunderbolt) sold 2.2 million in two months, compared to a quarter million in one month for tbolt. Saying that equals 3million annually 1) makes it compete better with the iPhone over two months on a single carrier and 2) assumes that the numbers remain constant. Being that people are figuring out that the battery life is dreadful (and you forget that the majority of the market doesn't want to swap batteries like it's 1999) and that android phones have a short cycle of being the hottest new thing, I don't think there's a basis to assume consistent sales in line with their opening month. Numbers can say anything when there's no common sense behind it.

    Correction: 260000 HTC Thunderbolts in 2 weeks.


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  • Leonardo Dicaprio (Young

  • Tastic Bycrom
    Mar 31, 10:43 AM
    The torn pages and stoplights against the leather are jarring.
    I like the internal changes. I just hope they do something a little less silly with the toolbar.

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  • NT1440
    May 1, 11:47 PM
    I don't think anyone believes that this will be the end of terrorism. Just like America wouldn't collapse if our President was assassinated. But it would still be a pretty big deal right?

    Comparing him to the President shows just how twisted our population's understanding of Al-Qaeda's current make up has become. He was a leader a decade ago.

    The current iteration of "Al-Qaeda" has only the idea driving it in common with the hierarchical Al-Qaeda of a decade ago.


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  • 87vert
    Sep 12, 07:17 PM
    Played the back 9 at
    Played terrible but did see a red fox out on the course. :D

    Took the photo with my iPhone 4 for a ways away (Probably 50 yards) used the HDR setting, came out a lot better than the non HDR photo.

    leonardo dicaprio young photos. leonardo dicaprio young photos
  • leonardo dicaprio young photos

  • Paul Graham
    Jan 26, 07:05 AM
    Really? I took the cue from the post count and not page count. I was under the impression that graphic-heavy threads are closed after about 2000 posts.

    Agreed, I love the elements drives. I have two that I've stacked and used spacers to keep them from actually touching. I'd like to get another as they're attached to my mac mini that I use as an HTPC.

    Cool, Yeh I want to stack mine aswell once i get my emac set up. Got any pics of the drives with spacers?


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  • Stig McNasty
    Mar 30, 05:04 AM
    Having used and invested in Apple since the Mac Classic via IIci, LC475 etc and having lived (and worked) with Apple through the Dark Days (Amelio et al), I'm always pleased/relieved that Apple are stil around! That this Apple keeps ahead of the curve is important, but their kit lasts which, to someone who uses their Macs every day is one of the mos important aspects.

    I don't need, nor can afford, to be at the head of the queue every time a new bit of kit is bequeathed to us by the benighted Jobs/Ive axis! Sure I love it when a new shiny thing appears on stage, and follow the rumours closely, so what if the iPhone is September or 2012.

    I'm pretty sure that the revenue from iOS devices helps Apple keep the Mac flag flying high, for that reason I like the hype and expectation that is drummed up. Anything which keeps Apple in the computer game I'm all for.

    And yes I have an iPhone (3GS), and yes I will buy the next iPhone when it arrives, and yes I'll probably stick with that one for another two years. One thing's for certain, as long as Apple keep computing close to their heart (rather than their wallet) I'll keep the faith.

    Oh yeah, a lyric came to mind (as it often does):

    leonardo dicaprio young photos. Leonardo DiCaprio Myspace
  • Leonardo DiCaprio Myspace

  • KnightWRX
    Dec 30, 11:24 PM
    We are learning some awfully interesting things about you today, lol.

    Whatever floats your boat though lol:D

    Things I was trying to encourage him to keep awfully to himself back on page 2... Seriously, we need to stop enabling fat people. I say that as an ex-fat person with a high risk of gaining back my weight.

    A huge problem (no pun intended) in America is the gigantic portions masquerading as meals in fast-food and casual restaurants. Some of the dishes available at very popular chains are absolutely ridiculous in size. Yet we buy them because they are a "good value." And let's face it - more often than not, we make a pretty good run at finishing off our plates, don't we? Unfortunately, that's just continuing the validation of the portion sizes...

    I was in Reston Virginia for training a year ago. One thing I like about the US, is that all restaurants have their nutritional information posted somewhere. Here you have to almost kill someone to get it.

    Anyway, me and the guy I'm with walk into Champps ( at diner time one evening. Here's the nutritional info : I had looked it up earlier since I was in full blown weight loss mode and had made my pick (another very important weight control technique, choose what you'll eat ahead of time when going out). I ordered the Salmon BBQ chopped salad (1155 calories) (which was delicious) and ate half of it. Half the salmon, half the actual salad, half the sauce, approximately of course. That was still close to 550 calories.

    My co-worker laughs it up, says he'll just get an appetizer instead of a dumb salad and it'll taste better and be less fattening. He ordered the Miles High Nacho, with Chili of course. Luckily, he never managed to eat more than a quarter of it. Yep, a close to a quarter of a 3300 calories. That plate has almost 1 lbs gain for a person!

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  • Beaverman3001
    Apr 17, 07:49 PM
    Thunderbolt would be a killer feature for this machine - and would open up a whole load of expansion options.

    Sonnet are marketing a load of interesting accessories, from Gigabit ethernet and FW800 adapters, to RAID arrays, to full-size PCIe expansion card housings, all of which can connect via Thunderbolt.

    Those CPUs are pretty fast. For everyone except gamers it should be a nice machine.

    Those PCIe housings could make for external graphics that don't suck. Whether that is practical at all is another story.

    louis Fashion
    Apr 13, 08:14 PM
    one call makes you taller
    one call makes you small
    But the phone that mother gives you
    won't do anything at all

    just go ask ATT when it drops your calllll

    Oct 21, 12:57 AM
    New bike and a smartphone of some sort; haven't decided on an OS yet although I'm leaning towards the iPhone.

    Oct 23, 11:23 AM
    And here I was trying to buy a legal copy of Windows from MS, granted it wasn't the latest version (however XP had just come out, so 2000 wasn't that old) and MS was telling me to pirate the software.

    That's hilarious. I was reading the other day that in addition to fighting piracy overseas, MS also uses the threat of software audit in the states to sell more licenses. They kind of say, "hey, we could come in and do an audit, or you can sign this $300 million, 5 year contract with us." A local government agency is taking option #2.

    I guess they don't care about American, residential piracy.

    Nov 15, 05:06 PM
    OH MY GOD!!! :eek::eek::eek: That's ridiculous!

    Did you google the Panerai?

    Apr 13, 09:20 AM
    The Thunderbolt Wiki ( has a diagram showing the TB controller's access to things. The accompanying description ("Thunderbolt can be implemented on graphics cards, which have access to DisplayPort data and PCI express connectivity, or on the motherboard of new devices, such as the MacBook Pro.[5][17][22]") implies that a TB compatible PCIe graphics card could bring older systems up-to-date. That would be interesting.

    Do you trust Wikipedia? :) In fact the line above this one on Wikipedia says: Because the PCIe bus does not carry video data, it is unclear whether a standalone PCIe card could offer a Thunderbolt port. The Intel Thunderbolt Technology Brief does not give a conclusive answer.[3]

    Everything I've read that is sourced to Intel says an add-on card won't be possible. It's my guess that the integration for Thunderbolt needs to be deeper than an PCI Express card, especially with its capability to carry video/data. It may be that Intel does not want people confused by data-only Thunderbolt ports. OTOH, I'm not a Thunderbolt engineer, so I may be completely mistaken. :D

    Great find. Let's hope Apple releases a card for the Mac Pro.

    Technical issues aside - odds are that Apple would rather sell you a new Mac Pro with Thunderbolt onboard.

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