Wednesday, May 25, 2011

oprah winfrey biography

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  • shooterlv
    Aug 15, 11:41 PM
    Screenshot of Mail RSS

    [Edited to add another image]

    and of screensaver counting down to lock

    oprah winfrey biography. Oprah Winfrey biography
  • Oprah Winfrey biography

  • Eidorian
    May 3, 08:06 AM
    Finally, a quad core desktop class machine (in processors only I suppose) with ample I/O and a decent . . . . for Apple . . . . price.

    Shocked that Apple would give us TWO TBolt ports on the 27" with quad core across the line.

    The $1700 has my cheap side tingling but my professional side is telling me to wait for a Mac Pro update so I can at least consider a machine I can expand myself.

    On the plus side, that 21.5" is not a bad machine for the price.Once again, the iMac packs more processing power than the Mac Pro. (Even if you have a single hex-core.)

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  • elray
    Apr 14, 08:30 AM
    I will probably buy the white iPhone 4 if it really does come out this month. My current (and first) iPhone is a refurbed white 3g with a cracked screen. I had planned on upgrading to the white iPhone 4 until they kept pushing the release back, then seemingly cancelled it completely. I was just going to wait for the 5 at that point, but now with the rumored delay I don't think I want to wait until fall (or later) for a new phone.

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  • jacg
    Jul 10, 01:51 PM
    How about if inspector sections could be 'torn off' and moved or docked below like in photoshop? There are certainly 2 or 3 sections that I would like open all the time.

    I can't stand Office's toolbars. The first thing I did was make my own custom box of tools that sits above the formatting palette on the side.

    With wide displays, vertical space is the most valuable.


    oprah winfrey biography. Biography of Oprah Winfrey
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  • chrmjenkins
    Apr 25, 11:42 AM
    Do you guys think there will there be another refresh with Lion pre-loaded this summer? Im looking to purchase my first mac but wanted to wait until Lion drops.

    No. It will just start shipping with Lion.

    Best case scenario is that the proximity is close enough that they offer some kind of discounted deal, but I doubt that. (apple has been known to offer discounts for products that are purchased right before product launches, though).

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  • partyBoy
    Feb 1, 07:47 PM
    - Afterglow ps3 controller (purple)
    - Philips lcd cleaner for my Mac
    - Bamboo plant with a asian theme bowl


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  • Surely
    Jan 31, 12:22 AM
    Some yummy desserts from Solley's Bakery in Sherman Oaks.
    Let's see..... a chocolate cigar (which is basically a giant chocolate rugula), a s'mores brownie, chocolate (I forget the name) cookies, and chocolate flake macaroon cookies.

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  • rusty2192
    Apr 6, 07:53 PM
    Today's shot is a place I bet many of you didn't know existed. It is a "tourist/post card" picture, but I wanted to use it anyway just to see how many recognize it.

    Well, considering you have posted a few shots from Hop-town, I am about 99.999% sure where it is, but I'll play along and see if anyone else has a guess. I may just have a slightly unfair advantage, even though I have never been to this site specifically ;)

    The Cherokee Memorial Park in Hopkinsville, KY, is where Chief Whitepath and Fly Smith, a clan leader, are buried. This site was one of the ration stops along the Trail of Tears. (

    This is a really powerful shot. Great composition. I think the only thing that could make it better would perhaps be a little fill flash on the statues. I've really been enjoying your work. Just curious, if you don't mind me asking, what brought you to Hopkinsville? That's quite a ways from Atlanta.

    Mine for today. Taken at the Kentucky Vietnam Veterans Memorial. (
    IMG_3158 ( by Rusty2192 (, on Flickr


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  • DesmoPilot
    Apr 28, 07:03 PM
    Oh no the white one is barely thicker then the black one. First world problem if I've ever heard of one.

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  • Edmoil12
    Apr 21, 08:29 PM
    If you're alluding to the theory that Apple took it out to 'differentiate' it from the macbook pro's, I still don't get that concept.

    I mean, if you want to differentiate your higher end products from the lower end ones, you ADD features to the higher end one. You DON'T remove features that were once standard for years on the lower end machine.

    ***It's like if Ford all the sudden removed air conditioning on all but their high end cars - saying that's a 'luxary' feature for their high end vehicles. We'd ALL cry BULL.....!!! Same thing has happened with the MBA.

    I definitely disagree with you there. Many companies will remove features to differentiate their product lineups, and provide an incentive to buy high end products. Think Intel, could add hyperthreading and turbo boost to every processor they make for a relatively small cost, but they don't and disable features so they can market you an i7 or i5 instead of a 'lowly' i3. Think auto makers, many will offer a bigger engine along with many low cost trim upgrades as a 'sport' package. They could include all of those minor upgrades in the lower models, but they don't because it creates a stronger incentive to pay for an upgrade.

    With Apple, the biggest reason the macbook air doesn't have a backlit keyboard or 4GB of ram is to save costs to keep their margins up. Also it creates an incentive for people to buy a more expensive macbook pro, or pay $100 extra for the 4GB of ram. Plus, it gives them another selling feature if they decide to bring it back later. Remember when apple removed the buttons from the iPod shuffle, only to promote how great they are when they brought them back?

    If apple thinks that the savings they get by removing the backlit keyboard are greater than the lost customers/profits from removing it, then they are better off.


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  • Popeye206
    Apr 28, 10:30 AM
    It is interesting to see the 3Gs doing so well. Too bad Apple doesn't make a "light version" of iOS for it so it's snappier again. It was a good phone and for many consumers at $49 or maybe even free someday a great entry level smart phone.

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  • whatever
    Oct 23, 11:23 AM
    Watch, it probably really means it instantly voids the MS support part of the Vista purchase for that license.

    Would be just peachy that Apple offers zero support for running Vista on a Mac, and MS does the same for those doing it via virtualization.

    Probably forsee a support headache coming down the path. :p
    Why should Apple offer support for Vista on a Mac.

    Anyone who is willing to run Vista on a Mac are ussually technical and smart enought to search different support forums for the answers that they need.


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  • Wyro
    Apr 14, 11:12 PM (

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  • rusty2192
    Apr 3, 08:29 AM
    Another one from my outing last week. I got some nice shots yesterday, but I'm still working on editing them. I tried avoiding posting this one, but ran out of others. While I am happy with it for myself, I know it is rather (ok, very) cliche to post a duck shot ;) (
    IMG_3102 ( by Rusty2192 (, on Flickr


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  • halledise
    Feb 26, 01:43 PM
    the guy's an overpaid idiot.

    and at least Mel Gibson can act �

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  • dextertangocci
    Jul 25, 09:37 AM
    Does anyone know if the previous Apple BT mouse used laser? Or was it optical?



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  • mhuk01
    Jul 25, 10:07 AM
    look at the bottom of

    what's this?

    Mighty Mouse � Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved.

    i thought apple made them :S

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  • gianly1985
    May 3, 08:31 AM
    Since when has the iMac had a TFT display? I thought it had an IPS display??

    It's LCD TFT IPS LED. All of it.

    For a comparison, the old 20" 2007 iMac was LCD TFT TN CCFL.

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  • argopelter
    Jun 7, 06:04 PM
    As usual American's (yeah I'm American) love to blame someone for their own responsibility. It's so weird how people on here fight for freedom from the lockdowns that Apple puts on it's developers, freedoms from the limitations and restrictions Apple puts on the iPhone (hence why people jailbreak). Yet when a parent doesn't take accountability for their absence of judgement and legal obligation to be responsible for their child, everyone goes off on Apple for not having the protections in place to prevent this?

    What people want is more choice. They're not asking Apple to disable app purchases by default, just put in some simple safeguards that make mistakes like this less likely.

    You really believe that failing to log out should be a $1000 mistake? For an app they'll never use? What if the app cost $10,000? $100,000? $1 million? Would they need to go take out a loan and pay spend the rest of their lives paying off the app loan? It's a good thing Apple disagrees with you.


    Apr 26, 02:04 PM
    They have to pays for it...

    Yes they do, and that's why I celebrate the huge value of my Apple investment.

    When it comes to Apple, their's no shortage of buyers. :)

    Jul 24, 08:09 PM
    So it got bluetooth and a laser? Eh no thanks I have heard many bad things and have only had bad experience with this mouse. Ill keep my razer.

    Apr 22, 02:03 PM
    That's typical Apple. Intel chipset does not support USB 3.0? No USB 3.0 for Apple fans!

    It's not built into the current Intel platform standards. That doesn't mean it doesn't support it. Most of Intel's reference boards even include it.

    NVIDIA GPUs do not work with SandyBridge? Stick with outdated C2D CPUs for years.

    Nvidia GPUs work fine with the Sandy Bridge platform. The problem was that they were not licensed to make chipsets for intel processors past the Montevina platform.

    What's more important - CPU/chip or case? In case of Apple, the case always wins. Apple is all about image. Once designed, the case should stay unchanged for many years. Apple will wait until somebody designs a "suitable" chip. Is not it kind of backward?

    Apple is using the same CPUs as everyone else, for which their enclosures are extremely competitive in terms of dimensions.

    Then we hear excuses from Apple fans why Apple could not use separate USB 3.0 controller. This would require redesign of the motherboard - Wow! Think of it - redesigning a motherboard! Some companies redesign tens of motherboards every year but Apple? No way. Now iPhone users will be stuck with outdated technology for a year or two and they will be feeding us all kinds of excuses why LTE can not be used in iPhone. Just ridiculous.

    There's no question that two radio chips would have caused the tiny logic board inside the iPhone 4 to grow. That means the battery gets smaller or they make some other sort of sacrifice which potentially changes the housing. Too much work to release the same iPhone on a different network, especially since apple wouldn't want to sacrifice battery life.

    Since apple has to design to the greatest common denominator, I doubt they'd increase the size of the phone given the number of outspoken size critics on this forum.

    Apr 24, 04:28 AM
    There's a followup here (,0,3336656.story), the girl seems to be physically ok, just a little traumatised.

    It's kind of sickening how her privacy is just thrown out of the window, the employee was fired for many many reasons, including the fact that they posted the video on youtube, linked it to their facebook and made many offensive comments before it was all taken down. Had this video not been made public the girl in question would have had some hope in retaining her privacy, but now she's scared to go outside for fear of being recognised and attacked again, possibly killed. In the United states a transgender person is murdered on average once a month, despite being a small and often invisible minority.

    It really sickens me how badly handled this story has been by many, the baltimoresun being one of the few exceptions, fox news ( being one of the worst. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    Jul 25, 10:23 AM
    This is great but I do have a question..
    Since it's bluetooth and Apple says it works within 30 ft.What happens if you're in a starbucks and other people have bluetooth turned on ?
    Will they be able to "hack" your Mighty Mouse?

    You need to read up on how Bluetooth pairing works. The short answer is this doesn't happen. It'd be a slightly pointless protocol if the above could happen.

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