Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • striker33
    Mar 26, 08:59 AM
    Whilst tablet gaming will never overtake console gaming, unless a TV dock and controller is introduced, its always fun to see a portable device that is capable of outputting games at 1920x1080, where the xbox 360 and ps3 (retail games only) can not.

    They seriously think the 360 can last another 5 years? Considering this is only the iPad's 2nd release, I wouldn't bet on it.

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  • Macopotamus
    Mar 22, 03:50 PM
    an email from SEPTEMBER of last year is relevant now? maybe they didn't have plans then but are killing it now? things change

    kind of strange to mention a 9 month old email dont you think?

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  • cohen777
    Apr 12, 10:19 PM
    What about updates to DVD Studio Pro, Soundtrack, and Motion?

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  • Xavier
    Nov 27, 02:40 PM
    I wouldn't mind this happening! I have been stuck with a 15 inch (not even wide screen) for a long time, but being low budget, haven't been able to afford the models I wanted. I hope that Apple produces this

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  • SactoGuy18
    Apr 17, 08:55 PM
    I think they're only rare in the US. The few times I went to italy the closest thing to an automatic that I saw was a smart car with tiptronic.

    I think that will start to change in the next few years as the cost of dual-clutch transmissions start to really come down--for example, Ford's dry-ctutch version of the Powershift transmission that first debuted on the North American-market Mk. VI Ford Fiesta. DCT's allow for very fast gear shifts (normally done using paddle shifters on the steering column), and could be switched to full automatic mode for driving in situations that involve a lot of start and stop movement such as urban driving.

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  • relimw
    Sep 6, 08:51 AM
    Still cant see any sign of MBPs.*weeps*

    Maybe next tuesday...
    Dude, the MBP was updated in late April of this year, why would you think it'll be updated four and a half months later??

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  • Synchromesh
    Apr 20, 10:50 AM
    The hondas I've driven from 02-06 (including mine) have all have very good engaging transmissions.

    I beg to differ. Aside from S2000 whose transmission really is orgasmic, everything else from 2002 on I've driven by Honda was average at best. I drove an '07 Civic Si which was ok but nothing spectacular as well as '06 Accord V6 with manual. That one had a vague shifter that looked like an afterthought. Didn't like it. My daily driver is another Honda (Integra GS-R) and that car has an excellent shifter. But it was designed back in early 90s.

    Another crappy shifter award: Subaru. Most Imprezas/WRXs I testdrove recently sucked with a passion. Only exception was one with the short shifter kit.

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  • poppe
    Sep 1, 12:30 PM
    My Guess:

    iMac 17" - 1299
    1.83 GHz
    512MB RAM
    160 SATA
    8x DL
    ATI x1600 - 128

    iMac 20" - 1699
    2.0 GHz upgradable to 2.16
    512MB RAM
    250 SATA
    8x DL
    ATI x1600 128 upgradable to 256 (As is already)

    iMac 23": 1900 x 1200 - 1999
    2.16 GHz upgradable to 2.33
    1 GB Standard
    250 SATA upgradable to 500 (as 17" and 20" is)
    8x DL
    ATI x1600 256
    FW 800

    I didn't say upgradable on 17" and 20" hard drives because we already know that.

    In a dream world I'd say the 23" vCard would go to the x1800 or something

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  • aswitcher
    Jan 2, 12:40 AM
    With iTV (whatever) I expect Apple to release firmware upgrades for all current model Macs to enable their 802.11N capable wireless.

    I also think the Mini and Airport Extreme/Expresses will get and update to have 11N.

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  • iApache
    Nov 25, 12:11 AM
    Picked up GT5 Collectors edition earlier today :D

    Idk why the pic is sideways, but u get the point :p

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  • shawnce
    Jul 19, 08:19 PM
    The article posted:
    - Desktops: 614,000, down 14% from previous quarter
    - Portables: 498,000, up 60% from previous quarter

    I belive these numbers are for last quarter (note they don't add to 1.3M macs). They should post a correction.

    Yup... the correct numbers can be found in this PDF (http://images.apple.com/pr/pdf/q306data_sum.pdf) ... they should be 529,000 and 798,000 respectively.

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  • Stella
    Jun 23, 11:42 AM
    This doesn't sound like Apple at all. I call shenanigans.

    And HP Touchsmart sucks (to me).

    Agreed - Apple just don't implement features 'because they can'. There has to be a benefit to the user for adding touch screens on a desktop. Apple generally don't do gimmicks.

    Perhaps there's a new iMac in the pipeline, redesigned to take advantage of touch screen interface?

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  • TerryJ
    Jul 14, 10:28 AM
    First of all, Blu-Ray discs are a completely new material and fabrication process, so highlighting the fact that they've only made 25GB discs (which were stable-ly created long before almost ANY HD-DVD's) and can't produce a disk which is far above the specs of the competition, is like saying screw the russians cuz they're space program hasn't sent a man to mars (nobody's done it yet, anyway). You can't blame Blu-Ray for not being able to deliver 50 GB yet, the meat of the war is just beginning anyway.
    It is true that we don't know what will be delivered in the future. I am sure 50gb+ discs will be available at some point. How soon, however, is important, especially considering there is a format war. If Blu-ray can get those discs out fast with good yields, then obviously that changes things. But reports are they are not at this point, with no timetable on when they might. Add to this the fact that it is a new fabrication process... this can only mean that prices most likely will stay higher longer, as opposed to a cheaper/easier fab process for HD DVDs.

    Secondly, what was said about the VC-1 codec is very wrong. Microsoft's VC-1 codec is far worse and more difficult to work with than MPEG 2 or MPEG 4 that sony will probably offer in later versions of Blu-Ray. All this malarky about artifacts doesn't really make sense when you consider that we've been USING MPEG2 IN DVD'S FOR YEARS NOW! There's no way that the algorithim could be to blame for the artifacts! Sure it's fatter, but it's a lighter compression, and as Sony has shown with their PCM Audio on Blu-Ray, sometimes light compression on a bigger disk is better than heavy compression on smaller disks. It will be a lot easier to change to a more efficient codec down the line (which is what we've done with computers time and time again, as well as professional video) so we can get Ultra HD on Blu Ray when it comes out as well.
    Watch HD DVD content on a Toshiba HD DVD player vs. BD content on a Samsung BD player... HD DVD content (using VC-1) is consistantly better than BD content (using MPEG2). Not sure what is wrong with the BD stuff exactly, but something is going wrong. And if it's MPEG2 issues, then all those BD discs out now are just stuck being crap. They'd have to reencode and rerelease new versions of the same movies later. That does not help the BD cause.

    Remember, HD is over 4x the resolution compared to SD. MPEG-2 was good for SD DVDs. Not sure how good it is for HD if your disc is maxed at 25gb capacity.

    I'm sorry, I understand people really want HD-DVD to win because it's easier and cheaper right now, but since when has the easiest option been the best?
    If it's cheaper, looks better, sounds better, and has more available titles, then why shouldn't HD DVD win? If BD used a more efficient codec, or at least had 50gb dual layer discs now (so MPEG2 could have a high bit rate at least), and the all the backing studios pumped out more titles, I'd buy it. But that isn't what it's shaping up to be right now. If they can get their act together, this could be a fight... but they are behind.


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  • Eidorian
    Aug 26, 11:16 AM
    Could the deciding factor be the noise?

    Not arguing about whether a Conroe would fit in the iMacIntel case - but wondering whether the extra heat would result in extra noise from the cooling fans.

    The iMacIntel doesn't have to as fast as it possibly can, especially since the New Form-Factor Conroe Mini-Tower/Home-Theatre Mac® will be there for people who want a bit more power without the size and cost of the maxi-tower ProMacIntel.Noise could be an issue in the iMac. Still, even the Rev. C iMac G5 was much quieter then the Rev. B.

    The only noise my iMac Core Duo makes is when it wakes from sleep and reading the SuperDrive.

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  • roland.g
    Apr 19, 11:10 AM
    Free upgrade to Lion when it releases?

    Doubt it. Not unless you are talking about the 14 day or announcement window. Probably along the lines of all machines purchased after WWDC Lion announcement and prior to release have option to get upgrade disc for $9.99 shipping. Unless at WWDC they say that Lion will be out in October.

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  • skunk
    Mar 31, 01:11 PM
    Well regarding defeating the Nazi's and the Axis powers, one can credit the US to turning the tide. When the Nazis like practically conquered everyone in their path and are invading the UK, the Brits had to transfer a lot of technologies they made for the war to the US...where the US industrial might pretty much defined what we know today as "air dominance". Even though the Brits did make a lot of neat weapons (as traditional to their roots), the US was the one who turned those into massive amounts of airplanes, carriers, and sophisticated radars for killing Nazi and Japanese air planes and submarines.

    So I mean, without the Brits, the US might not have been able to make all those toys so fast, but without the US, the Brits would have fell. But in retrospect, I feel that the Allies would have won anyway...just that it would have ended with many more atomic bombs dropped all over the place by the US.Probably the most idiotic analysis of WW2 I have ever read. I await with interest to hear where and when the Germans invaded.

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  • PBF
    Apr 3, 02:37 AM
    - can press ctrl+up again to close Mission Control, doesnt work with ctrl-down for Expos� app windows though
    That's because the 'control' button acts like a four-finger gesture. Same applies to ctrl+left arrow and ctrl+right arrow.

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  • Schnebar
    Jan 13, 01:24 AM
    this is crap,

    no one in their right mind would make something with 0 ports, you have to at a bare minimum have an audio out.

    Hmm maybe they could get around this by shipping bluetooth headphones with it.

    And the no-plug dock charging sounds good too.

    Imagine a ultra portable macbook with no ports.

    It would have a docking station with a lot of ports in the dock but it would all wirelessly be transfered to the macbook.

    No clicking into the dock. Just set it down.

    If the dock could be integrated into the desk it could look like you are just setting it on the desk.

    But it is wirelessly sending power and signals with the dock which has usb, firewire, large HD, optical drive, headphone jacks, and other ports that are hidden under the desk.

    Edit: just realized that in the time I took to reply someone else already pointed out bluetooth headphones.

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  • Sergeant Pepper
    Feb 18, 02:19 PM
    http://f.cl.ly/items/0D1G0S3G0Q1T3C2t462t/102_1807.JPG http://f.cl.ly/items/030l1n3b2q2s3W1k2P2J/102_1808.JPG
    http://f.cl.ly/items/081B0d3X0l1d3236063r/102_1809.JPG http://f.cl.ly/items/3g3Q371E03180r3O1p2d/102_1810.JPG

    What You See
    � 22" Dynex HDTV
    � Early 2008 White MacBook
    � Apple Magic Mouse
    � Apple Bluetooth Keyboard
    � Kantek Monitor Stand
    � Griffin Elevator Laptop Stand
    � Nintendo Wii
    � Sony PlayStation 2
    � Seagate 1 TB External Hard Drive
    � $30 Salvation Army Desk
    � $10 Thrift Store Chair

    Nov 27, 04:36 PM
    Stop buying things for yourself! 'Tis the season of giving, you know.

    but I need so many things! Am I selfish?...well maybe a little, but don't judge!!!!

    Sep 6, 05:11 PM
    Or it encourages them to look at PC alternatives. Do you have a source on mac users upgrading more often? Among the people I know it's the other way around.

    PC alternatives.. such as projectosx86

    Nov 15, 08:26 AM
    How long before it ends up in the MacBook Pro?

    The heck with the MacBook Pro.....how about the Mac MINI!!!
    :p ;) :D

    Apr 26, 04:35 PM
    Windows and Amazon are not a generic names. If Microsoft would have named it "Operating System" then that would be generic. If Amazon were named "Online Store" then that would be generic. I'm sure Amazon could have named App Store something else, but then again, it's such a known term now that instantly helps customers identify what they are looking at.

    I like Apple products, but they're beginning to be one of the most anal companies out there.

    Actually windows is generic - a windows OS is an operating system with a GUI that uses a desktop and windows (such as finder, word processors etc) developed by XEROX and first mass produced for the Apple Lisa. The generic term for that type of OS among others was windows OS - then Microsoft came out with a windowing OS and called it Windows and trademarked it. Microsoft is actually arguing against Apple exactly what they did years ago. Back on topic though - it doesn't matter - Amazon is using it while Apple has already filed for the mark. The courts will settle this and if it goes to Apple, Amazon will pay big and have to change their name. Would have been simpler to just change their name to begin with.

    Nov 16, 04:03 AM
    well, OSX whooped xp for multicore usage then

    Notwithstandign such long-standing facts, there are still some MS fanboys here who think Windows is better for multicore usage (not to mention multitasking, which has been ALWAYS better in OS X)... :rolleyes:

    Zune is dead, Windows is dead...face it.

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