Tuesday, May 24, 2011

spiderman 3 venom

spiderman 3 venom. Spiderman 3: Venom!
  • Spiderman 3: Venom!

  • rnelan7
    Nov 28, 09:12 PM
    Finally narrowed it down to a Shady McCoy jersey, Apple TV and a WD Elements 2tb. Merry Christmas everyone!

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  • kirk26
    Apr 14, 02:47 PM
    as is usually the case after a reboot.

    forget it.

    It's not worth getting into. Not everyone has the issues with their phones. I reboot mine almost everyday and with this update I notice a speed difference. I don't have an issue with opening youtube vids in safari and I have no lag time with opening 3rd party apps. Get over it.

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  • MaxMike
    Nov 28, 07:27 PM
    A new Apple TV to stream from my Mac to my HDTV, a Wireless-N router to speed up sharing between computers from my Wireless-G network, a good webcam for my Mac Mini, and some cash for my future Apple purchases (MBP and iPad 2G)





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  • cvaldes
    Apr 29, 03:25 PM
    Can you name a few more? I have only seen Sony support AAC on their PMP devices.
    Zune HD for one.

    The Sansa Fuze+ line too. Creative Zen, Archos, Sonos, Squeezbox.


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  • gb1631
    Apr 14, 08:16 PM
    Downloaded and installed the new software on my Verizon iPhone, so far no problems.

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  • pchan0
    Apr 28, 05:07 PM



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  • daveschroeder
    Oct 23, 08:35 AM

    I understand where you are coming from, but I still don't interpret the EULA as you do. Neither does Paul Thurrott http://www.winsupersite.com/showcase/winvista_licensing.asp. Can you please provide links to others who think like you, preferably if they happen to work for MS. ;)

    Coincidentally, I had just emailed Paul.

    He already responded:

    From: thurrott [at] gmail.com
    Subject: RE: Row over Vista virtualization much ado about nothing?
    Date: October 23, 2006 8:23:04 AM CDT
    To: das [at] doit.wisc.edu

    Microsoft told me that the retail EULA forbids the installation of Windows
    Vista Home Basic or Home Premium in virtual machines. They said that if
    developers wanted to do this, they should get an MSDN subscription, which
    has a different license allowing such an install. All that said, there's
    nothing technical from preventing users from installing any Vista version in
    a virtual machine.


    ...to which I replied:

    From: das [at] doit.wisc.edu
    Subject: Re: Row over Vista virtualization much ado about nothing?
    Date: October 23, 2006 8:30:57 AM CDT
    To: thurrott [at] gmail.com
    Security: Signed

    So Microsoft actually does intend the EULA to prohibit someone from, say, buying Vista Home as a retail box and then installing it in Parallels Desktop on a Mac? (I know there is nothing technical preventing that.)

    This still seems curious, given that in that scenario, not only does Vista Ultimate allow VM use, but also includes an additional license specifically so that same copy can be installed in a VM on the same device. Why wouldn't Home's license allow a single instance of itself to be used in a VM as long as it's not already installed somewhere else? The language all revolves around "the software installed on the licensed device", and I take that to mean the software *already* installed on that device, but I suppose that could be argued to mean that it can't be installed on *any* device where it would be used in a virtualization environment...

    Update: Paul's response:

    From: thurrott [at] gmail.com
    Subject: RE: Row over Vista virtualization much ado about nothing?
    Date: October 23, 2006 8:34:07 AM CDT
    To: das [at] doit.wisc.edu

    Yeah, that's what they told me. My guess is that they don't want people
    purchasing the low-cost versions, installing them on virtual machine
    environments they don't understand (like Parallels) and then demanding

    You can understand why this is an issue, given that the Business and Ultimate EULAs not only explicitly allow VM use, but also include additional licenses to use that copy a second time in a VM, legally (on the same device). Also, all the language, as I said, revolves around using "the software installed on the licensed device" (implying that it's an installation that already exists on a licensed device) in a VM.

    So I'll say that, if this is accurate, I stand corrected. After a few years of reading Microsoft (and other) EULAs, even I thought Microsoft wouldn't be that retarded. ;-)

    Given the language, and given the additional-license situation with Business and Ultimate, I still have to say I'm surprised.

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  • md111
    Apr 22, 12:13 PM
    We design stuff for S. Interiors and other properties. In the meetings, S starts out by saying ... "We would like to be like Apple. Here are photos of Apple stores" Even there ads and posters are similar once Apple kicked off there ads.
    Not to stereo type, but they are excellent copiers. Not to strong on original ideas. And they also work there ass's off. Its war to them to win at all costs.


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  • Popeye206
    Apr 13, 02:52 PM
    Waiting for Apple Microwave Rev B.

    LOL! The iWave!

    Listen to music while nuking your soup!

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  • fabianjj
    Apr 24, 06:11 AM
    No, the European iPhone is the same hardware as the AT&T iPhone. It will handle voice and pokey EDGE/GPRS data on the T-Mobile USA network, but not 3G data because they use the AWS band for that.

    Whether you believe that there is carrier exclusivity is irrelevant. Apple probably tests on many different carriers around the world.

    The fact of the matter is Apple doesn't announce the terms of their contracts with mobile operators, so your so-called "exclusivity" could have ended at midnight yesterday.

    I think gkarris point was that T-Mobile operates in other countries as well, where they have the iPhone and where they do use 3G frequencies that the regular iPhone supports.


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  • SeanZy
    Mar 16, 10:41 AM
    Brea had a good number of Verizon models and a few WiFi, but no AT&T. GSM models are obviously being saved for the international launch.

    How many wifi models did they have? Particularly 32GB. My friend got out of line, wondering if he would have gotten one.

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  • SeanZy
    Mar 11, 02:41 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_0_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8A306 Safari/6531.22.7)

    I am at the Fullerton best buy and there are 4 people in line total. This is your best bet probably in orange county


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  • zin
    Apr 22, 05:01 PM
    If they're going to make it a substantial upgrade to the display, then I can't see them calling this iPhone 5...

    The increase in number for each model has worked okay until now, but I don't know.. it's getting to the point where it's sounding stupid. I can see "iPhone 4GS" working, but iPhone 5 or iPhone 6? Meh...

    And the design of the enlarged display in that mock-up looks ugly, in my opinion.

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  • blackout8
    Jul 28, 08:00 AM
    Have you ever used Pandora.com? (It's pretty awesome)

    exactly, i'm sure the mini store has its uses but i mean compared to the others... i'm sure the itunes recommendations thingo is great for some people, but if you could stream music that is similar to your tastes / the current song ala pandora.com that would be 'saweet' :D


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  • Spiderman 3: Venom!

  • dropadrop
    Nov 6, 12:54 AM
    I have to agree, the Video Refresh rate is also noticable compared from Parallels. The Mouse is more sluggish and it just doesn't give you the feel that Parallels does.
    I didn't notice any difference from running 2 Cores either :(

    It is only a Beta right now so maybe they will have everything up to par soon enough. :)

    Atleast on their server products the Beta releases have very heavy debugging and logging running on the background non-stop. There is no way to turn it off (atleast simple way). The final release has better performance due to this...

    This can also be why they don't want performance comparisons, as it won't be indicative of the final product.

    I have alot of trust in VMWare. Don't know what the pricing will be, but I am 100% sure that by release it will be an extremly robust product with only a very small overhead (I consider Parallels to have a fairly large overhead). I use most of VmWares server products at work, and can't remember any of the (release) versions ever failing me. With this I'm talking about running around 40 virtual production servers 24x7 on 3 servers with only 2 service breaks per server during the last year (planned maintainance breaks for upgrades).

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  • jettredmont
    Oct 23, 07:45 PM
    EFI is not an emulation of bios.

    Correct. EFI and BIOS are different animals. MacBooks and Mac Pros don't include BIOS. Windows requires BIOS (unless Vista has changed back to supporting EFI). Boot Camp EMULATES BIOS on top of EFI.

    That was the point. Might hit the "or otherwise emulated" parenthetical in the EULA. Someone will need to talk with a lawyer on that one.

    BTW: What Microsoft SAYS about the EULA is pretty much meaningless. The only things that will be held up in court are, in rapidly-descending order of relevance:

    1. The EULA
    2. Official pronouncements declaring intent of EULA (which might go to prove willful deception; I suspect the EULA contains a clause that any external pronouncements can not change or limit the content of the agreement, blah blah blah).
    3. WAY down from the last, well-documented statements from a management-level individual at the company promising that the reading of the EULA is incorrect.

    So, if a straight reading of the EULA might be interpreted to mean it can not be run on a virtual machine or under emulation of any sort, then thats the truth, no matter how much the Borg doth protest.


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  • barijazz
    Jan 25, 06:58 PM
    Apple just released its quarterly, and while it was higher than apple's expectations it did not meet analyst's expectations.

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  • milo
    Aug 15, 01:58 PM
    The new features look pretty cool...but I generally think it's worth getting the upgrades just for fixes and optimizations.

    And from what people are saying, even this early beta of Leopard brings teh snappy.

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 13, 02:14 PM
    This is a false rumor. Absolutely no way will this happen.

    First of all Google failed with their TV.

    Second of all, it is much better to have the components separate. You can more easily pass the audio to a home entertainment system for surround sound. With a component built into the TV, you have cables going back in the other direction to the receiver. If audio and video both take the same path there is less change of them getting out of sync.

    Jul 10, 02:58 PM
    I think I need to start wearing glasses!

    I could have sworn that the title was in regards to a Macrumors Page 3 unveiling.

    I will now pay closer attention!

    You and Westside_guy should get together...see post #24 in this thread. Then go see post #27.

    Jul 25, 11:40 AM
    Some of us would be willing to accept that. A minitower would consume about as much desk-space as two Mac Mini's. That's more than reasonable IMO.

    Or in my case, it would use exactly no desk space since mine neatly tucks it away underneath. While I have no choice but to buy an iMac, a tower like this Core2 Duo based Vector GX (http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1895,1988081,00.asp) from Velocity Micro would give a much cleaner look with my setup.

    Apr 29, 03:50 PM
    Me too. Given the theme i was already picturing myself as the marquee artist of the production ;)

    anyway, the situation right now is:
    eldiablo: 4 (dontpanic, chrmjenkins, aggie, ucfgrad)
    chrmjenkins: 1 (jav)

    not voted yet: Lbro, eldiablo

    not much room to maneouvre for eldiablo, except in deciding who to infect (if he hasn't done it already).

    so tomorrow should be 4 vs 1 (or 5 vs 1 if the hunter is successful). with everyone with equal chances of being wolfized.
    it's like starting a new game, a tricky one with two shots at finding the wolf

    jav is making a good case for it being him already if his vote doesn't change and eldiablojoe does turn out to be a ww.

    Ultimate con would be if aggie was/is infected and joe is a ww.

    Don't panic
    Apr 26, 03:32 PM
    i am going to change vote as well, since UCF has become active and has only one vote, so it would be kinda pointless.
    i'll go with Nies

    if we exclude the unbolded votes (aggie and eldiablo), it is

    plutonius 3 (nies, jav, ucfgrad)
    nies 3 (plutonius, appleguy, don't panic)
    eldiablo 2(3) (nathan, moyank)
    ibro 1 (chrmjenkins)
    chrmjenkins 1 (ibro)
    nathanmuir 1 (eldiablo)

    with plutonius holding the tie breaker

    if those 2 votes get validated, it is still plutonius with 4, followed by nies and eldiablo with 3

    May 2, 12:35 AM
    One of the biggest moments in the World's history, not only America. Osama Bin Laden, the number 1 most wanted terrorist is finally dead.

    I guess this proves everyone who doubted America and might have lost faith, that yes America can. Looks like Obama will be getting a 2nd term now.

    I always knew it would be Obama vs Osama once he was elected. Very proud day for everyone who believes in peace.

    Now, it's the Pakistan government which is in question, looks like Osama was chilling at a Pakistan Military hub for 6 years under the protection of Pakistan. And they said Osama wasn't in Pakistan lol.. he was living it large in a mansion and people thought he was in a cave.

    Short-term wise, i'm worried about the retaliation of the terrorists. Looks like everyone will be on edge for the next few months. Also, i'm afraid more and more people might decide to take up Osama's old position as leader.
    The war on terror isn't over, but this has definitely struck a very significant blow.

    Some bird tweeted to me that his death was like a "BOOM HEADSHOT!"

    Gee, thanks - this will make my friends who are loosing their homes to foreclosure feel a whole lot better... :eek:


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