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  • NAG
    Jan 12, 05:26 PM
    That's what she said.

    All this speculation about the name of a hypothetical new sub-notebook- it's just not 'wow'. Usually at MW Apple announces some new, exciting product. I just don't see that 'wow' product being a new sub-notebook. I don't think that the over-analyzed banner is referring to a sub-notebook.

    While they are probably going to announce a new sub-notebook, I think that something else will be the product (or service) with the 'wow' factor that Steve Jobs announces as the 'one more thing...' thing. And I don't think that it will be called Nike MacBook Air.

    I was replying to zioxide, who only talked about screen size.

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  • Krizoitz
    Mar 20, 02:46 PM
    People (even in Japan) say Macs are too expensive ! Ive been to Akihabara in Tokyo and Den den Town in Osaka ! Ive lived in Japan for 5 years. Yes, the Ipod has been popular in Japan BUT a hell of alot more people buy IBMs here eg: Toshiba, Hitachi and Sony.

    The difference is that Toshiba, Hitachi and Sony are all Japanese companies. They don't have to pay the import taxes, and Japanese industries are a lot more protected in terms of foreign competition than American companies are because the govt is allowed alot more connection to them. Thats just the way it is.

    Its similar to Europe and Airbus, because Airbus is a european company the gov'ts over there give them support and tax breaks and such. Boeing can't get that same kind of subsidization because of U.S. laws and policies. I think unfair trade laws are one of the US's biggest problems. But thats a topic for another forum.

    The point is made in Japan (or atleast a company from Japan) will have cheaper products that an American based company.

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  • jsm4182
    Feb 27, 01:49 AM
    The rule is actually very simple as far as the LCD ones go:
    LCD <20" = Studio Display (15" and 17")
    Any LCD 20" or larger = Cinema Display (Watch the G4 Sawtooth intro on youtube, and you see the very first 22" DVI-D (Pre ADC) Cinema Display which was a BTO option on the 450 and 500Mhz PowerMac G4s in 1999. That was the first gen. The Aluminium ones are about the 4th I believe (22" DVI-D, 22" ADC, 20 and 23" ADC/Acryllic, then the 20" Aluminium ones).

    I thought all the plastic ones were called studio displays, didn't realize the bigger ones were called cinema. My mistake.

    I used to use them in College, the video lab had MDD PowerMac G4s, each with a 22 and 17.

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  • EricNau
    Dec 27, 10:38 PM
    I'm predicting a price around $400, but I'm also expecting a streaming device.
    Didn't Jobs say it would be priced at $299?

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  • eye
    Mar 22, 09:43 PM
    The classic is the best music player out there. Never change, Mr. Classic. Click wheel and NO touch screen. Just play my music and have a large capacity. There are other products if you want to do other things.

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  • Vegasman
    May 2, 05:58 PM
    That Windows dialog is horrible. Why is there so much info? Are the file size and image dimensions really helping me decided whether or not I want to delete it? And it has the classic Windows "Yes" and "No" buttons (instead of having something useful like Cancel and Delete). If that dialog pops up, you have to squint your eyes and look all over until you see "Delete ..." in the upper left corner, then take a second to make sure "Yes" actually means "Delete". And if you want to cancel, should you hit "No" or the X in the top right?

    That OS X dialog IS NOTHING like that Aero dialog.

    Weird. When I ask someone a yes/no question, I expect a yes/no response.

    Do you understand what I mean?

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  • macthetiger85
    Apr 26, 04:35 PM
    Windows and Amazon are not a generic names. If Microsoft would have named it "Operating System" then that would be generic. If Amazon were named "Online Store" then that would be generic. I'm sure Amazon could have named App Store something else, but then again, it's such a known term now that instantly helps customers identify what they are looking at.

    I like Apple products, but they're beginning to be one of the most anal companies out there.

    Actually windows is generic - a windows OS is an operating system with a GUI that uses a desktop and windows (such as finder, word processors etc) developed by XEROX and first mass produced for the Apple Lisa. The generic term for that type of OS among others was windows OS - then Microsoft came out with a windowing OS and called it Windows and trademarked it. Microsoft is actually arguing against Apple exactly what they did years ago. Back on topic though - it doesn't matter - Amazon is using it while Apple has already filed for the mark. The courts will settle this and if it goes to Apple, Amazon will pay big and have to change their name. Would have been simpler to just change their name to begin with.

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  • PBF
    Apr 2, 11:20 PM
    In Safari, you can now change the width of a page by moving the cursor to the scrollbar and you see the little "adjust width" icon. Drag that and the width of the page decreases/increases toward the center.
    If I understood your explanation/description correctly (which was kinda confusing), then it's been there since DP1, and it's not just the right side, it's all four sides and all four corners, and lastly, it's a system-wide feature, not just Safari's.

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  • Plutonius
    Sep 14, 11:12 AM
    This story gets buried in the blog and a story of ninja stars makes page one? No Apple bias here. :rolleyes:

    I would rather read about the Ninja stars then this story. It would have even been better if there was a taser involved :).

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  • Mainyehc
    Nov 28, 01:51 PM
    Because they fear the iPod and what it — and its ecosystem — may potentially evolve into; becoming a platform in its own right, particularly with the convergence of multimedia in the home.

    Yes, I though about it... It was a rhetorical question of sorts, anyway. ;)

    I'm also figuring they are afraid of the "Halo effect" (pun intended :D), as that'd explain the whole shebang. They were ALWAYS afraid of losing their leadership on the PC market, and that their iron-like grip would turn loose. The problem is, they grew lazy, and are preety much aware of that, as their delays in delivering Vista prove.

    "So, let's just try to find some other markets to tap into, 'just in case' ", they probably thought...

    That explains the XBox, the WebTV, Windows CE, Windows Mobile, and whatnot. The Zune is just the latest iteration of that behaviour, and more specifically an attempt at stopping the advance of Apple, the iPod, and ESPECIALLY the Mac/OS X platform (while your theory certainly seems interesting, iTV won't be such a threat to Microsoft as it'll most likely be fully compatible with a Windows PC running iTunes, as are the iPod and Airport Express... But it's a valid point, nonetheless :cool: ). iPod+iTunes users can buy a Mac and keep using their nice Apple gear (and even Windows if they really must), while becoming hooked up to the rest of their iLives at the same time, whereas Zune users... well, they can hook up in basements and squirt around, and that preety much sums it up. Or they can suck up and throw them in their drawers and buy an iPod "the next time", which is the most likely scenario.

    So this seems to be just a desperation move by M$, in anticipation, but the media (or the market, for that matter) doesn't really get it... In preety much the same way that they didn't get it in when the iPod was initially launched. <manic speech> Five years from now, we'll be laughing our a**es off at yet some other random M$ failure, and fondly remembering the Zune as the beginning of the end. Muhahahahaha </manic speech>... :p

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  • r.j.s
    Apr 27, 10:22 AM
    That being said, I'm saying Apple should be granted a trademark on "App Store," but folks like us shouldn't be in violation of anything if we refer to other "app stores." Thing is, if the specifics of Apple's trademark request involves a digital/electronic store-front for selling digital applications, blah blah blah, it's fine that other business shouldn't refer to theirs w/ any form of that term w/in their digital/electronic store-fronts. BlackBerry Appworld is different enough from Apple's "App Store," where Amazon's "appstore" is just too close to Apple's.

    Just like Knight, I think we're saying the same thing, but maybe we're just coming across from different poles. That's not to say that we're in agreement on whether Apple should or shouldn't have the term trademarked, but that we understand what's all involved with trademarks, their usage, etc.

    We are saying the same thing - the general population, it doesn't matter if they refer to all markets as app stores, much like Windex, Xerox and Google have become generic terms.

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  • Eraserhead
    Mar 20, 06:22 PM
    What does homeopathy achieve?

    The placebo effect.

    You can't even test homeopathy scientifically against a placebo because the placebo would be identical to the remedy!

    The reason you test against the placebo rather than no medicine at all is that the placebo effect is non-trivial.

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  • Synchromesh
    Apr 20, 10:50 AM
    The hondas I've driven from 02-06 (including mine) have all have very good engaging transmissions.

    I beg to differ. Aside from S2000 whose transmission really is orgasmic, everything else from 2002 on I've driven by Honda was average at best. I drove an '07 Civic Si which was ok but nothing spectacular as well as '06 Accord V6 with manual. That one had a vague shifter that looked like an afterthought. Didn't like it. My daily driver is another Honda (Integra GS-R) and that car has an excellent shifter. But it was designed back in early 90s.

    Another crappy shifter award: Subaru. Most Imprezas/WRXs I testdrove recently sucked with a passion. Only exception was one with the short shifter kit.

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  • anjinha
    Mar 22, 11:29 PM
    I don't believe any was born gay, that's my opinion. I believe you make the choice in your life, just like you make the choice on what career you want and college you desire to go to. I have friends that were once married (guy/girl) and then divorced because they liked their sex better. So now they are openly gay and happy. I have back and forth e-mails with them stating they consider it a choice. One of my friends is a writer for Lesbians and spoke in front of congress on this issue 2 years ago. I was with her and she even stated that it was a choice to become a lesbian and it's now America's choice to accept it for all for choose this path.

    They didn't choose to be gay. They either were bisexual and simply chose to date people from the same sex or they were previously in the closet an eventually came out.

    Sexuality is about who you're attracted to, not necessarily who you date/have sex with. You can choose who to date/have sex with but not who you're attracted to. Some men live "straight lifestyles" while being attracted to other men. That means they're in the closet, not that they chose to be straight.

    There are a lot of people who are born gay. There are also people who were born as bisexuals and then made a choice to either be strait or gay, which probably was the case for your friend.

    No, they're still bisexual, they simply choose to date people of the same sex.

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  • Phil A.
    Apr 11, 06:34 AM
    Manual (stick) shift cars are rare today and I'm wondering how many people still know how to drive them. How did you learn and do you have a desire to own one?

    As others have said, they are far from rare outside of the USA. Personally, I've driven several automatic cars (both over here in the UK and in the USA) and much prefer a manual gearbox: I like the better control and flexibility to change up when I want to rather than when the car thinks I should.
    With a manual box, you don't have to think about "sport mode" or "economy mode" settings for gear changes: you just do it when you want to :)
    The only time I think an auto works is on a diesel car / truck: Diesel engines have such a poor power range that with a manual you find yourself constantly changing gear just to keep the thing moving (I personally hate diesel cars with a passion but that's a different debate ;) )

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  • twoodcc
    Feb 17, 06:27 AM
    Sorry to hear that, when will you be able to get back to your apartment to get everything started again?

    My points are down too for some reason, not sure what the problem is as everything is running ok.

    i won't get back to my apartment before april. so another month and half of no output basically unless i manage to get another system.

    i just don't know what happened. they were running fine before i left.

    btw, congrats on 9 million points!

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  • Thataboy
    Jul 18, 06:54 AM
    This would only be viable via streaming, and that won't happen because you can't stream to an iPod.

    Therefore, we can expect a big download. I imagine the movies will be the same quality as can be found currently in the store. Remember, the online store is to drive IPOD sales. Apple does not have a Music Store because it wants you to have music so badly. The point of a Movie Store would be to drive 6G iPod sales. Therefore, it makes sense to optimize the viewing experience for iPods.

    The only way this would be viable, in my opinion, is if a rental were $1.99-$2.99 MAX. Other than that, I can bloody well use Netflix and Instant Handbrake (deleting the files once I return the movie). I am not so impatient that I can't wait 1 day to get a movie from my queue. For $1.99, I could be persuaded.

    However, let's be real here. Bandwidth + movie companies greed = huge prices. I can totally see them trying to do this at $9.99, which is warped and insane (and therefore right in line with content producers' mindsets). Even $4.99 is nuttery.

    Now... when Apple finds a way to stream movies to an Apple high-speed MVNO-equipped iPod -- now THAT would be hot. But that won't be around for years, if ever at all.

    Finally, no way in Hades is this to be announced at WWDC. Maybe a week before or after, but NOT at the same time. I actually don't envision this announcement being made at all, as it would surely coincide with a new iPod (and aren't those all supposed to be delayed?).

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  • d70
    Jan 12, 10:51 AM
    The name Air will collide with Adobe AIR ... couldn't they have chosen a better name like nano and ****? damn it. now every time I search for Adobe AIR I'll get Macbook in the search results.

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  • Tommyg117
    Aug 16, 08:34 AM
    hmmm, I don't think this will come in the next version. And if it does, it would need to fix up the user interface and make it so it really works perfectly for on line.

    Nov 18, 08:56 PM
    I think the number or cores will finally level off for a while once 8 core machines
    become mainstream.

    The next goal will be production refinements like 45 nm production for greater energy efficiency.

    Software developers will need to re-train or hire new software engineers who know how to take advantage of multi-core architecture.

    The big question for those who must have the newest, most powerful system will be how much RAM they'll need to take advantage of the new architecture.

    There are quite a few audio/video production professionals wondering how all this
    will help to improve their workflow capabilties.

    Mar 22, 03:44 PM
    The chance that the iPod Classic is updated to 220GB is zero. Apple has no plans to ever update a hard drive based non-touch portable device (they would not waste their time), and they've shown even less interest in increasing the capacity of any device beyond even 64GB flash.


    Sep 6, 09:04 AM
    What do you mean by "G5"??? PowerPC is long gone from Macs.

    I think he's [quite obviously] talking about the iMac G5 exterior (as opposed to the 'sunflower' iMac G4, or the original G3-based CRT iMac), the form factor, which didn't really change much from PPC to intel. He even mentioned the intel chip in his post, I think no small amount of pedantry is involved in the "???"s :)

    Apr 13, 05:46 AM
    Eeeh?!? I say every tool helps. If I get a tool that can color shot and counter shot differently because it recognizes a face, I say groovy!

    Indexing old stuff looking for faces: go for it, the need of the "pro" is whatever it is. All this pretending there is some uniform pro way of working is the most amateurish idea around. There is only the end result, how you get there doesn't matter to the viewer.

    ... oh damn sucked into another pointless statement hah... yeah FCP renders slow...

    No professional would let the software identify their subjects. Features like this do nothing to lighten the workflow of their productions. Only amateurs would allow an algorithms to determine what gets logged as what. Regardless of how the rest of the program turn out, the facial recognition is something only amateurs will use. Professionals have a higher standard of quality, and more complex needs than that.

    Feb 24, 07:46 PM
    Mmmm, Golf TDI. Cracking cars. I went for the bargain option - Golf GT TDI mechanicals in the slightly smaller Skoda Fabia. Some american friends who run older Merc diesels we had over were very surprised by the refinement and power of it.

    Wikipedia (yeah I know!) have some more information on the RA420 -
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chevrolet_Cruze#Powertrains. Appears to be quite popular unit with the Far Eastern manufacturers. A little surprised Chevy/Daewoo/GM went to VM when they've got their own joint manufacturing operation with FIAT as used in the Opel/Vauxhall ranges.

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