Sunday, May 22, 2011

Johnny Depp

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  • awmazz
    Mar 8, 10:17 AM

    In all'd be a hoot if they hired Emilio Estevez. Can you imagine the intra-family squabble that might set up?? :D

    He already appeared in the show. Played an old friend of Charlie's who drops dead, prompting Charlie to rethink his own lifestyle. Perhaps that storyline was drawn from real life.

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  • steveh
    Apr 12, 02:23 PM
    Wouldn't matter anyway if you were using a ThunderBolt external hard drive. Very few mechanical hard drives can even reach 1Gbps-2Gbps. You'll need several of the fastest SSDs in RAID to even reach ThunderBolt speeds.

    USB 3.0 FTW. More practical.

    This week, mostly. In a year or three?

    Don't forget that ThunderBolt can support USB x, as well as several other connection standards, including DisplayPort, hence any display connection standard that you can drive through it.

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  • dethmaShine
    Apr 16, 09:53 AM
    Google bought Android and with Schmidt on the Apple board hoovering up ideas from the iPhone, Android became what it is today.

    Anybody who refutes that is either blind or stupid.

    or a troll or all of them.

    And now, lets get back to OS X.

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  • Thomas Veil
    Mar 3, 07:19 PM
    I know somebody who was bipolar, and now that it's controlled by medication, he's a functioning, productive person. Before that he was manic, impossible to get along with, and self-destructive. I don't define that as "him".

    I myself had a very different personality when I was in the grasp of depression. I damn near broke up my marriage, and I was often cruel to my kids. That wasn't "me". This is me. I look on myself back then and am embarrassed at a lot of what I said and did. Though I try to forgive myself for some of that, the fact of the matter is, I own it and I'll always carry a certain amount of guilt at things I did that I cannot take back.

    Sheen only thinks he knows who he is right now.

    And just so this post isn't a total downer...another "Who said it?" quiz ( Only this one pits Charlie Sheen against Ghadafi and Glenn Beck. :D

    I only got eight out of 15. :o


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  • dsensi
    May 2, 10:16 AM
    OK, guys, I think you are right, touch screens are not the most desirable thing to see in an iMac, although I am sure they will implement it sooner or later, because it has an appeal nowadays to many customers - and it�s up to you if you use it or not. Time will answer this question.

    But... what do you think about higher resolution screens? Specially for the 21,5 iMac. I currently own a notebook with 15.4 screen that has exactly the same amount of pixels of a 21.5 iMac (1920x1080). When I use the 21.5 iMac, the large pixel size bother me, while at the notebook pixels are almost invisible, and it�s a great pleasure to use it.

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  • rmwebs
    Apr 26, 05:04 PM
    LOL you didn't even know about the outage until i posted a link. now it was just some tiny network glitch that wasn't the run of the mill ;)

    did i ever say apple's was gonna be the biggest and the baddest? the funny thing is....i use amazon vod all the time on my naw, i'm not really an apple fanboy but thanks for assuming.

    Then what the hell was the point in your little rant?! Your whole argument was based on a rare outage. My original point was that Amazons 10 datacenters will work better than Apples point still stands.

    FYI: I was very aware of the outage. I run a cloud virtualization (Xen based) company built on S3, GoGrid and Rackspace.


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  • hobbyrennfahrer
    Jan 31, 10:59 AM


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  • lilmitchmitch
    Sep 13, 09:51 PM
    Picked a couple of these up a few days ago. Definitely not for picky writers. I still prefer a traditional .5mm mechanical pencil, but I love how smoothly these write.


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  • Eriden
    Mar 16, 02:05 PM
    First off...Eriden nice meeting you today, sir! Was a fun morning less the disappointment of neither of us getting our desired model.

    Brea had a 105 year old mall cop who yelled at some kids sitting in the middle of the floor. I'm almost positive he called for backup. Haha

    Just ordered mine online. At least have one in the pipeline. And is getting shipped to Mass so I'll save $20 on sales tax :)

    It was good meeting you too! Hopefully we won't have to wait the whole 4-5 weeks. I'd be back at the crack of dawn tomorrow, but I'm up against deadlines for work projects.

    And that mall cop was hilarious. He probably hasn't felt relevant in 30 years. Getting to glare at mallgoers and check in with his supervisors probably made his day.

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  • Charlie Sheen
    Mar 11, 04:44 PM
    You, I suppose. ;)

    Nice one:D


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  • ebow
    Aug 16, 08:06 AM
    UNO has massively improved Tiger by banishing the metal and aqua stripes.

    Also, the sidebar is a retrograde step too. The drawer in Preview can be resized without changing the size of the content in the main window. You can't do that with a sidebar. It's also white, unlike Mail's light blue. Wrong, wrong, bad, ugly, inconsistent and stupid.

    They seem to be throwing out good UI design and entire elements of OSX just for the sake of something new to show.

    Amen! And Apple deserves to have their very own HIG Book thrown at them. It's like the different application teams are working in relative isolation. I can see the Preview folks saying "Hey, the Mail team had some extra hours for their UI guys and came up with this new look! Cool, let's use it next time around so we can be cool, too. Oh, and we'll change that blue area to white for our own flair." The drawer UI element was one of those things touted as a novel and useful feature of OS X, way back in the DP and 10.0 days, but it's been a steady march away from common UI elements since then.

    Back to the toolbar for a moment, has anyone seen or made a mockup of what a window would look like with the "unified" appearance combined with more traditional toolbar icons (not outlined by buttons / ovals)?

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  • SeanZy
    Mar 12, 10:43 AM
    really sorry to hear that. reading about the insanely long lines at the apple store in brea, i headed over to best buy in fullerton instead. arrived at 1p and was 13th or so in line. i wish you all the luck in getting an ipad soon.

    and i find that really surprising. despite at&t's faster (when available) data speeds, i've always found coverage to be completely spotty, especially in fullerton and brea. opted for a verizon ipad.

    Nice I was 4th in line at the fullerton best buy. I was so happy best buy had enough


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  • roar08
    Mar 31, 10:25 AM
    It'll be great if this flows into iOS too.

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  • FloatingBones
    Nov 20, 01:03 AM
    I don't need to do squat guy.

    If you don't address those very good reasons, your argument won't be very convincing. We do not want the CPU suck, the identity leaking, the UI inconsistencies, and the very real risk of "zero day" Adobe bugs.

    WTF do I care about your reasons for wanting to take away my choice to use Flash? I don't.

    In other words, you are not competent to carry on a rational discussion. You're just here to vent.

    It's not about "propping up" flash, it's about being able to access TODAY'S Internet, not hoping some day that we won't need Flash.

    Users of those 120M+ devices don't have to hope. They are already free of Flash!

    We just want to use the Internet unfettered by Steve Jobs playing the part of a Communist Dictator.

    The analogy makes no sense. Nobody is forcing you to use any Apple product.

    If you really want the "full web experience" of zero-day Adobe bugs, get an Android phone. Note: Android phones were vulnerable to the last zero-day Adobe bug. (

    The only reasons I see from you are excuses to praise Steve.

    The fact that I can't catch zero-day Adobe attacks on my iPhone is a great reason to praise Apple's decision.

    which does NOTHING to make other Flash functions work, BTW, leaving many sites useless even so

    Do tell: what exact sites are you talking about? What exact legacy flash applications are running on those sites to which you can find no substitute?

    It's a drop in the ocean compared to the world at large nor should they have to be held hostage by Steve Jobs whose sole goal in life is to get you to pay him for every little thing you do in this world.

    Nobody is holding a gun to your head. Nobody is holding you hostage.

    If you don't like the choices that Apple made, then ditch your iOS device and get an Android. Simple.

    He wants to push his warped agendas and ring every last cent out of you no matter how inconvenient it might be to you.

    This is the first little lie in your rant. The iOS users don't find it inconvenient. If Flash were so damn important to them, they would have bought some device that could run Flash.

    The people who bought those 120M+ devices disagree with you.

    He wants to force the destruction of flash by denying his customers access to a large percentage of the world's web sites all the time while lying about iOS devices being able to access the 'real' or 'full' Internet.

    This is the second little lie. Apple did provide a choice: they approved the SkyFire App. They didn't have to do that.

    Apple has also announced they will approve Flash Apps using Adobe's cross-compiler for iOS. If there actually are crucial Flash apps -- you haven't named a single specific one so far -- the owners of those apps should be able to easily cross-compile their apps for the iOS App Store.

    if you don't have Flash, you don't have the full Internet.

    And that is the third little lie. Flash is a proprietary and legacy platform. It's on the way down now.

    Even Adobe has acknowledged that a Flash-only choice is a bankrupt strategy ( After websites start offering their content with an open standard, you've gotta ask: what exactly is the value in continuing to prop up Flash?

    I just want innovative products. That is what Steve is good at. That doesn't mean I want his arrogant ego side pushing those products with restrictions that have nothing to do with the technology and only to do with Steve's need to be a control freak.

    And this is number four. If those words were true, you would be able to explain why my four huge concerns for running Flash in iOS Safari are not valid. But you can't do that!

    If the flash experience is so great, please tell us what exact Flash sites are you talking about? What exact legacy flash applications are running on those sites to which you can find no substitute on your iOS device?


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  • ivan2002
    Apr 15, 09:43 AM
    They are already out in the wild. How do I know? Read below :)

    I was in a restaurant in the bay area earlier this week when a lady walked in...

    If you spent more time on this blog instead of in restaurants, you would know that mod jobs with white parts smuggled out of Foxconn factories have been around for many months now.

    What we are a lot more interested in here is this rumored sighting of a lady in the wild!
    Tells us more about her. :D

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  • minnesotamacman
    Oct 18, 05:46 PM
    Expect it to take a dump tomorrow morning.

    Why do you think that?


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  • playaj82
    Jul 26, 01:20 PM
    Has anybody thought these might all just be preventative filings?

    Apple is smart to file a patent on something that might be "similar" to technology they have developed just to maintain their exclusivity of the technology.

    Apple might be filing this just so they can say, haha, Microsoft, you can't produce this because we invented it first....and then Apple moves on to the next big thing without ever producing a product based on the patent.

    As far as the trademark stuff goes, it is the same logic. Apple needs to protect as many derivations of the "*Pod" mark in order to make their Pod trademarks even stronger. Apple will probably never produce something with the "doPod" trademark, but any other company thinking about naming their product the "doPod" will think twice before getting into a legal battle with Apple, who has one of the most recognized digital entertainment trademarks in the world.

    You can show me Patent and Trademark filings all day long and I will simply reply with a "prove it"

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  • Mord
    Apr 24, 04:28 AM
    There's a followup here (,0,3336656.story), the girl seems to be physically ok, just a little traumatised.

    It's kind of sickening how her privacy is just thrown out of the window, the employee was fired for many many reasons, including the fact that they posted the video on youtube, linked it to their facebook and made many offensive comments before it was all taken down. Had this video not been made public the girl in question would have had some hope in retaining her privacy, but now she's scared to go outside for fear of being recognised and attacked again, possibly killed. In the United states a transgender person is murdered on average once a month, despite being a small and often invisible minority.

    It really sickens me how badly handled this story has been by many, the baltimoresun being one of the few exceptions, fox news ( being one of the worst. They should be ashamed of themselves.

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  • Macsterguy
    Apr 25, 12:39 PM
    Do you guys think there will there be another refresh with Lion pre-loaded this summer? Im looking to purchase my first mac but wanted to wait until Lion drops.

    You don't have to wait for Lion. It is easy to install os upgrades later... Buy next week!

    May 4, 02:49 AM
    I'm not so sure the next iPhone will look like the current iphone 4. It probably will be, but i don't know.. They're delaying it and with the white one just released (which of course looks the same).. They've handed out prototype A5 iphones to developers just to make sure the new design won't be leaked. I think Apple could come out with a surprise regarding the design of the next iPhone.

    Aug 16, 07:47 AM
    Currently? That article's 3 years old! Did you see the size of those mobiles? Also parts where they mention that IMing could be the next big thing give away its age a bit.

    OK if that's not good enough for you then this ( should be, scroll down to the User Base section, Neilsen still rates AIM the largest by a large chunk.

    Sep 30, 01:06 PM
    So this is a headline article based on a diagnosis and opinion of an Apple Genius Bar technician? In additoin, it is coming from a reader on Gizmodo. It may or may not be true that 20-30% dropped call is expected for those areas, but why headline this article when it is merely coming from the voice of an Apple store representative? It is very deceptive and may trick people into believing that this is a factual statement coming from AT&T themselves. Too many people on the internet always believe what they read from any source and that is why the legitimate journalist are p o'd about the future of journalism and reportings.

    Edit: Sorry, not headline, but front page.

    Mar 16, 10:04 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    About 40 in line now at SCP.

    Ahh, sounds pointless then. Word has gotten out.


    Jul 12, 07:36 PM
    Very well put. I agree with you 100%. I bought pages thinking it could replace MS Word after seeing Jobs demo at MacWorld a couple of years ago.

    When I tried to use it to build a Messier Catlog viewers guide it was the worst software experience I have ever had. It crashed constantly, it corrupted files. It was difficult to manipulate the graphics and get them where I wanted them. Text flow was clumsy. It was painfully slow.

    I have a G4 1.67 GHz, 1 GB, PB and it took 7 minutes (I timed it) to open the document. The document contained 100 tiffs and 100 jpgs in tables on only 50 pages. It would open, then it would take another 3 minutes to scroll.

    Pages V2 was better but still sucked. I could never make compatible .doc files. Most of my co-workers were on Windows machines running Office 2003 and when I would email the .doc, I would always get an email back saying that something was wrong with my file or that their virus checker said it was bad. Whatever, I had to finally abandon Pages.

    I don't even like pages for quick documents. AppleWorks is better or even BBedit, depending on the type of quick document I need.

    Even Apple doesn't advertise this product as a competitor for Word. They simple sell it as a consumer level productivity tool.

    Well, I'm sorry that you had such a bad time. However, if someone in your situation were to come to me and say "I'm working in an office with a bunch of people using MS Word where I have to exchange documents back and forth with them, and I was considering trying to use a new piece of software which says it can import and export Word format. What do you think?" I would have told you in no uncertain terms that I think you're nuts for trying such a thing. In-house you need to have 100% compatibility, which no product could ever give you except Word itself.

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