Saturday, May 21, 2011

brad pitt fight club

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  • MacRumors
    May 3, 11:21 PM (

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  • CrackedButter
    Oct 24, 08:54 AM
    The 17" is cheaper by the way if you opt for the 100GB drive. In the last revision you didn't get a price drop on it. Now you do. With a higher education discount I could get a beast of a machine for the price of a 15" MBP.

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  • Spagolli94
    Jul 28, 08:16 AM
    Apple has done something VERY important with the iPod. They made it cool, especially among teens thru college-aged kids. Whenever I'm in an Apple store, it's very obvious just how strongly Apple is going after this demographic and I think it's paying off. Once Zune comes out, would you want to be the one kid in school who has a dorky Microsoft MP3 player? Sure, it will probably have more features. Just like those calculator wristwatch things. They are loaded with features too. That doesn't mean that 99% of kids would be caught dead wearing one.

    Too many features can be a bad thing. I remember guy back in college... He always had the latest and greatest gadgets. Cell phone and beeper on his belt, you know they type. ***** tool.

    As long as the iPod keeps it's position as the "cool" MP3 player, they will be just fine.

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  • Ugg
    May 1, 11:33 PM
    I'm glad you get to decide what facts are facts. I guess someone has to do it.

    It's true he's big. A big figurehead.

    So was this guy.


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  • frito1224
    May 4, 12:52 AM
    Verizon in store rep told me that their version will be out in September

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  • Jason Beck
    Apr 9, 09:41 PM
    Those are some nice-looking jeans. I have no clue why, but my eyes were drawn there first. :D

    Thanks, I couldn't stop complimenting her on them too lol.


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  • Lurchdubious
    Sep 12, 06:32 PM

    Mental Case for iPhone.

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  • ChazUK
    Apr 28, 12:15 PM
    Beaten in terms what what?

    The entire Android platform only generates 1 billion dollars per year in revenue for Google.

    On the flip side, the iOS platform generates 1.4 billion dollars per quarter through the iTunes store for Apple.

    Google hasn't found a way to significantly capitalize on Androids market share and that is a major loss. Hell, Google could take over the other 30% of the market held by RIM/ect. and the yearly Android revenue would still be below Apples quarterly revenue for the iOS platform.

    I dont know if Google want Android to be a pure moneyspinner. They're already better off with smartphones accessable to more people which in turn means more people online doing searches, using their services and data mining. OEMs like HTC, samsung, lg, zte and chipset makers will be the real breadwinners of Android if they can push successful products based on the OS.


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  • DotCom2
    Mar 31, 04:45 PM
    I noticed this has a year view tab. I wonder if the iPhone/iPad calendar will ever have that?
    I WISH!

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  • motulist
    Aug 18, 06:21 AM
    I have had Leopard... anyone got any questions??

    Yeah, I got a few about iCal.

    1) Is there now a way to shift several events in time simultaneously, so you don't have to change each one individually when you want to move a group of events?

    2) When you select several events from different calendars and copy and paste them do they all turn into the same calendar category like the current version of iCal operates?

    3) Are there any more display options that let you control how events are displayed?


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  • Mischka07
    Sep 30, 06:12 PM
    TBH, I'd rather deal with dropped calls than VZW's inability to handle data and phone calls at the same time. I had a lot of OTA programs on my Tour and Storm, and I missed about 1/4 calls that were sent to me. Most were during the working day. The worst was when my mom was frantically trying to reach me because my grandmother had to go to the ER.

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  • DeathChill
    Apr 22, 10:33 AM
    I'm just curious if the projected combined CMA / HSPA chips to be included in the iPhone would support HSPA+? That would at least give us some extra speed for iPhone 5. I don't think the current AT&T iPhone 4 does support HSPA+ - unless I'm mistaken.

    No, it doesn't. I am excited for HSPA+ support because my carrier has had it rolled out completely for over a year.


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  • Consultant
    Apr 26, 12:07 PM
    Amazon charges its cloud service too. Why should Apple give anything away for free? :rolleyes:

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  • appleguy123
    Apr 30, 10:03 PM
    Oh they are. And the best part is there are no sandwiches in the afterlife.

    That's why I sneak out on you and go to iBlue's zombie parties.


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  • slowtreme
    Mar 31, 12:58 PM
    I haven't logged in for over 5 years, but I did today just to post how ugly this leather title bar is.

    Welcome, slowtreme.
    You last visited: Aug 14, 2005 at 08:40 AM
    Private Messages: Unread 0, Total 2.

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  • pcb
    Jan 29, 11:07 PM

    To add to my earlier post....delivered today, 2008 Honda CBR1000RR; custom paint work, rear tire hugger, Taylormade exhaust, hot bodies under tail, power commander, shorty shift levers, custom pegs, etc and many more yummy upgrades to come. :D

    That is sick. I want one so bad but my folks are being difficult. I am allowed to have one I just cant park it anywhere on their property and seeing as I still live in their house that makes it tough to own one.


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  • Tones2
    Apr 22, 10:46 AM
    Image (

    Uh, no thanks. I don't need a bigger phone print in my pocket.

    Just get bigger pockets. :)


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  • cal6n
    Apr 14, 07:24 AM
    Well, it is almost time for a new iMac to be released, isn't it? (Or a Mac Mini, Mac Pro, or MacBook for that sake)

    iX... At first you could think about the Roman Number 9. But as you all know, in the upper part of X, you can also find the Roman number V. So that makes 14 then. (IX + V)

    Now, the iMac shipped in 1998, while now it's 2011. 13 years of difference. Almost fourteen. Coincidence? I think not. Maybe that's a hint from Apple?

    Then you got Mac, with a capital M, and a lowercase a and c. In M you can find I, V, and I, which together make (IV + I) 5. In a you can find c and I, which totals in 11 (C+I). Then you got the c, which of course, just translates in 10.
    5 + 11 + 10 equals 26. As much as all letters in the Roman (aka Latin) alphabet.

    Which leads us to believe that we have not to count the Roman numbers, but just the Roman letters.
    M is the 13th letter of the alphabet.
    A is the first letter of the alphabet.
    C is the 3rd letter of the alphabet.
    TOTAL: 17.

    Now we all know Apple's marketing. And you know that's a hint from the name in the title: MarketingName. Big words mean more to Apple than big numbers. "This computer is fantastic" is more advertised than "This computer has 8 GB of RAM". So that can conclude that we'll have to substract the Roman numbers from the Roman letters.

    26 - 17 = 9. Nine indeed. Got it?

    9 was also the number iX, which we started with. This leads us to believe we have to be on the right track.

    Now what are those dots in between the words?

    Anyone else can further elaborate this? Thanks for your help.

    Edit: I forgot the lower case i in iX. I used it as an uppercase letter. So maybe that only counts as 0.5 instead? So that equals 13.5 with the V included. That only gives Apple 6 months to finish the new unknown thing!

    You might need to rethink this, although I'm sure you'll be able to come up with something...

    "C" is 100 in Roman numerals, not 10.

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  • tjsdaname
    Dec 4, 11:21 AM
    You want a GUN for Christmas?



    Apr 25, 11:43 PM
    I'm not on AT&T (been on Rogers and Wind in Canada). On Rogers/Fido or Bell/Telus/Virgin its not uncommon to consistently hit 5-6mbps on an iPhone or other phone (with hspa up to 7.2mbps). They've had hspa+ in many areas for over a year as well.

    So hearing 4mbps out of hspa+ which is being marketed as 4G is just sad.

    This is quite true. I am on Rogers in the Vancouver area and hit 5-6 Mbps (got screen caps if necessary) all the time. We've also had HSPA+ rolled out for over a year, yes.

    Apr 27, 12:55 PM
    Which country are you talking about? Written in stone it's not, but obvious enough to suggest it, yes.

    Ah- we have plenty of people here in the US, just like you, who insist "fact" and "speculation" are the same things. They are not.

    Oct 23, 09:07 AM
    just another way to put more $ into Microsoft's pockets... it's a good thing i refuse to install Windows on my MBP

    Mar 12, 04:12 AM
    UGh. What a mess. Waited in line for 8 hours and they are sold out. So angry right now.

    really sorry to hear that. reading about the insanely long lines at the apple store in brea, i headed over to best buy in fullerton instead. arrived at 1p and was 13th or so in line. i wish you all the luck in getting an ipad soon.

    Nobody seemed to be touching those Verizon iPads with a 10 foot pole.

    and i find that really surprising. despite at&t's faster (when available) data speeds, i've always found coverage to be completely spotty, especially in fullerton and brea. opted for a verizon ipad.

    IJ Reilly
    Jul 11, 10:36 AM
    Photoshop Elements 4.0 is a capable replacement for Photoshop CS2 for a lot of people, even professionals. It depends on what you're doing with it.

    I've used various word processors since writing my own in the early 1980s and MS Word 4.0 was quite nice but Microsoft kept adding so many features that it's become haphazard and troublesome. It is counter-productive for a lot of people, especially when you have to revise previous documents.

    Pages 2 is a useful release but it's not final. To discount it or iWork totally is not reasonable.

    Yeah, isn't it nice when people decide unilaterally what is "professional" and what is not? The distinctions are totally arbitrary of course, but it's easy to see how by virtue of this thinking, Word remains dominant. Nothing else will do, because nothing else will do. What a wonderful tautology.

    For the record, I've been using Pages happily and successfully since it came out. Version 2 is an improvement, as well it should be, but that's a long way from saying that version 1 was worthless.

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