Friday, July 1, 2011

selena gomez daddy

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  • munnu77
    10-20 10:39 AM
    With just 14 days left, it is getting more and more clear tht Obama is going to be the president of the US for atleat next 4 yrs, unless some miracle change the race in coming days. And Projected Senate looks like, democrats will have 60 or almost there which is required to bypass a filibuster and Dems would be incresing their lead in House.
    Dont we have to strt sending emails to Obama,Pelosi and Reid after Nov 4th.

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  • lkapildev
    11-16 09:52 AM
    Hi All,

    This is forum for LC Sub cases. I'm on last phase of my L1B(5 years would complete on 2009) so my company a large corp evaluted my case as fit for LC Sub and applied I-140 on July 4th and 485 on July 27.

    I have no status on my I-140/485 or 131 since got the Receipts. Got EAD.

    Even after my FP the case also was not updated.

    If you have filed your I-140 LC Sub are you seeing any progress on your file?

    If yes, which date your I-140 was applied?

    Was that standaline or Join filing with I-485?

    Which Service center is handling your case?

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  • MArch172008
    07-02 12:51 PM
    If wife name is not mentioned what is the consequence?

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  • santa123
    06-14 11:21 PM
    Mine got approved in about 2 months time. My labor certificate reached the lawyer who passed it on to my employer.

    I did a big mistake of not asking for a copy and again when I received it while filing I140 - did not make a copy again.

    Please save a copy for yourself - it helps a lot while switching jobs during AC21.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks. But how long did it take to get the physical copy after the online approval / approval mail from DOL.
    I assume, you would have signed the labor before applying for I140.

    Pls clarify.


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  • ivuser9
    02-02 05:24 PM
    I am on AOS and currently working on my EAD. If I lose the job and employer terminates the health insurance, then will I qualify for the COBRA coverage or is it strictly for the Greencard/citizens? Any info is greatly helpful.


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  • mzafar125
    08-15 11:34 AM

    You cannot file for EAD or AP unless your get your I-485 receipt (A copy of the receipt notice needs to be included in the EAD and AP application). The EAD and AP should go to the same service center as your I-485 application. The address will be listed on your I-485 receipt notice. Pretty straight forward, you can do it yourself, do not pay a lawyer for preparing these documents. Good luck.


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  • jkamel5
    06-06 10:48 PM
    Thank you very much for these helpful inf

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  • applejelly
    11-18 10:53 AM
    lol! I see what you mean


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  • vine93
    08-11 01:07 AM
    Excuse me if its double post.

    Instructions for Electronically Filing Form I-131

    USCIS - Instructions for Electronically Filing Form I-131 ( D&vgnextchannel=9059d9808bcbd010VgnVCM100000d1f1d6a1 RCRD)

    Who is Not Eligible to e-File This Form:
    You are not eligible to electronically file this form if:

    You have a pending I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence Status or Adjust Status currently at a USCIS office and you are eligible to file the I-131 for no additional fee.

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  • Digitalosophy
    09-18 08:00 PM


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  • reddymjm
    05-12 08:48 AM
    No difference. You pay more for 1 yr textensions as you have to do 3 times as compared to 3yr extension. No lawyer will advise you to go for 1 yr if you have an approved I140....

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  • gc4arun
    07-06 11:38 AM
    Besides, depending upon how the "CLASS" is defined- you will not lose your claim if they win the lawsuit.

    It does not require you to have filed your case to benefit from the class action , but it depends on how the class has been defined. You can goto Rajiv's website and hear the latest conference call recording which explains his opinion on this.



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  • averagedesi
    08-25 08:55 PM
    I am in the same boat, refer to my post

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  • evildrummer
    04-01 11:33 AM
    I got matched to the penguin counter :h: WOW!!! I get to move to the antarctic!

    I am not endorsing our relationship!


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  • tom
    06-25 11:43 AM

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  • i99
    09-05 11:31 AM
    I am on the same boat like many.


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  • indianabacklog
    12-05 11:00 AM
    My husband has a pending I-130 visa petition (I am a US citizen, he's Italian, we live in Italy). Can anyone tell me whether he is permitted to enter (and exit, as we are still residents in Italy) the US on holiday (departure 19 dec)?
    I have not found any specific details in regard.

    In what capacity will he be entering the US? Does he have a visa?

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  • neeidd
    12-04 12:22 PM

    your regular employment letter that you get from HR should work. There is no special format for POE.
    Thanks Dude :)

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  • cool_desi_gc
    01-13 06:06 AM
    Did you send an email to uscis ? can u please share the address and did they finall send you the document ? How long did it take for you ?

    06-30 01:41 PM
    I have e-filed my EAD & AP Renewal last week and trying to send supporting documents and I can't find what needs to be sent for this.....

    1) Do we need to send any photographs for my AP?
    2) Any proof of Identification (passport first page) or Drivers License
    3) Any H1 approval notices? (I am still on H1B)

    4) Also I filed my AP which is expiring in Dec-08 i.e. 150 days before its expiry and curious to know if anyone�s application got rejected or approved. (I guess 120 days is the limit)

    I appreciate your time and response.

    07-15 12:12 PM
    I sent my paperwork in Sep 2005

    IO is confused surely :D

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