Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • fromnaija
    09-08 11:57 AM
    Reduce the employment-based immigration backlog — DHS QHSR Discussions (

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  • jai_verma
    10-15 04:53 PM
    Yes, I understand that I ll loose my H1b status.
    To register company: just go to
    So, I would be OK and not to worry about I-9.


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  • resetclock
    01-31 07:47 AM
    Thansk visakk for your reply, I am travelling thru same employer only. He still wants me to come there. Looks like he is confident & is certainly going to give me Revised Offer Letter dated in Feb 2010.

    However my main question is still unanswered whether the scenario is correct to travel, considering January 8 guideline issued by DHS/USCIS. And Subsequent Deportation incidents.

    I have option to travel on L2 as well. As my spouse is having L1 visa and she is going to travel in March.

    But I want to be on H1B, Pleasse enlighten me on this.

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  • pd_recapturing
    09-11 10:11 AM
    please suggest.


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  • apravi
    12-06 05:24 PM
    Immigration experts,
    Please help me to get out of this confusion.

    My H4-H1 Adjustment of status is approved and i have Advance parole and EAD with me through my husbands i485 application.I need to travel to india in jan/feb 2008 for 2-3weeks.I may not be able to go for stamping at that time.My H4 visa stamp is valid till sep2008.My H1 approval notice is valid till sep2010.

    My question is,can i travel to india and come back without H1 stamping using Advance parole?If i come in using Advance parole can i work again on H1 or do i need to use EAD?
    Thanks in advance.

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  • leo2606
    08-04 09:26 PM
    ^ Bump


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  • needhelp!
    10-08 04:55 PM
    At this time, IV booth needs volunteers. Please sign up to volunteer.

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  • Janisaris
    10-22 09:58 AM
    I am in the same boat. Filed July 19th . As of Last Friday not in the system.
    No checks cleared. All the guys who filed with me got their receipt last week from Texas. I am the only one remaining. My I140 was approved from NSC.


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  • sri2007
    11-11 12:51 PM
    Could you please help in explaining were to see the details for "self filling". Thanks for your help.

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  • hebron
    07-01 10:03 PM
    My PD is Sep 2004 EB3. If I decide to move to another employer who could also file an EB2 labor for me, how long should I wait before they could file a EB2 perm application for me?
    Suppose I apply for a position by replying to a job posting (advertisement) on or and I get that job, can the company use the same ad for applying for my PERM labor?

    Hi, Could anybody answer the above question?

    I have found a new employer who is willing to file EB2. The new job requirement is as follows:

    MIN EXPERIENCE: 5 or more years’ professional experience in software engineering.
    EDUCATION: BS degree required, prefer higher levels of academic achievement – degree in Computer Science.

    Will I be eligible for EB2?


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  • sbvw76
    10-31 12:15 AM
    We don't have SSN for my son. His age is 7 years. Can we get EAD for him and apply for SSN?

    If yes, what should be the minimum age?

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  • polk881
    01-26 10:58 AM
    Hi. I just e-filed my I-539, status of change request from F-1 to H-4. I just found out that I chose "North Korea" for my citizenship, while it was supposed to be "South Korea". I chose "South Korea" for the passport issuance country.

    How can I fix this? Should I attach a letter explaining this, when sending the supporting documents? What else supporting documents should I submit, other than my husband(H-1)'s paystub, I-129 approval notice and our marriage certificate?

    Thanks in advance.


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  • sanjeev_2004
    09-07 01:57 PM
    This one is the last friday's update, they should release new receipting update today!!

    Does USCIS give reciept update every week end?

    Does USCIS give reciept update on Sunday or on Friday?

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  • up_guy
    03-07 12:34 PM
    A hypothetical, but important debate on worst case scenario in changing job using AC21
    ================================================== ======
    Assume changing jobs using AC21 has some risk, debate is what is that risk. I am not expecting response like pack up and leave back to home country as I already know that. I am interested serious debate from people who used AC21 and bought houses and simulated in American culture and have family reasons to stay in US.

    Lets assume USCIS send some RFE and rejected 485 that new job was not same or similar. Now -
    a) How many days I have to leave country ?
    b) After the rejection of adjustment of status how many days I have to wrap up my current job or I must leave it same day when rejection letter received from USCIS ?
    b) After those number of days can one acquire visitor's visa for up to six months to pack up stuff, house and family on the ground of rejection of adjustment of status?
    c) Can one change status to some non immigrant visa such as new H-1B or F-1 by traveling back and reentering to USA ?
    d) After the rejection of adjustment of status can one still port priority date in a new green card processing ?
    f) I am also interested to hear feedback on what one can do to mitigate the risk of Ac21(I already know that use attorney's advise when changing job or donot change the job)


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  • AZ_GC
    08-22 06:46 PM
    The answer is Yes you can switch to new employer. Your H-1 does not matter anymore as you have applied for AOS and you have a valid EAD which you can use for AC21 portability for a new employer after 180 days.

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  • v1552150
    06-14 01:12 AM
    Can I apply for 485 and then travel abroad, without getting advance parole?

    I am on H1B and must travel to India to take care of a sick parent and would like to apply for 485 and then travel abroad....will this jeopordize my greeen card process?

    Looking for your inputs


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  • jackiesteward
    02-05 11:42 PM
    Hello everyone,

    I am in a very bad condition n would appreciate anyone who can advice me on same. I had been out of status for about 1 yr n 2 months following my denial of I 140 n expiration of H1b, n currently residing in US. Now i have a new approval for H1b from USCIS, a month back. I was instructed by my employer to go back to my native country n get approval from from the consulate n re enter US. My lawyer instructed that i will be barred at the consulate or at the airport due to the history of over stay in US upon re-entering . Is there any one who have heard experinces of this kind ever? plz share your knowledge... thanks

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  • seahawks
    08-23 02:42 PM
    Where : Redmond Regional Library, Meeting Room 1
    Room Request Date, Time, and Room Selection (

    When : Aug 25th 2009 7:30 to 8:30 pm
    Why are we meeting: To support IV's drive to lobby and contact Law Makers to fix Employment Based Immigration

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  • bharat2008
    02-05 08:51 AM
    Hi ,
    I have I-140 approved(ABC company) and have 5 months left in my first 6 year cycle. I was laid off from the job. A New employer XYZ applied for my H1B extension based on I-140 approval and got approved for 3 years.But I was unable to join
    XYZ due to family situation and moved back to India.


    1. Can a new employer apply for H1B extension based on my I-140 approval even though I am not in USA.? My I-140 has not been revoked or cancelled.


    2.Can I claim the remaining time on my H1B approval(based on I-140) with company XYZ ?I have copy of the H1B approval but not sure if it has been revoked.

    Please advice.

    Thank you in advance.

    06-15 11:34 AM
    My AP was approved while my wife's it was denied with reason "there is no pending I-485". My PD is 22 Nov 05 which is not yet current so I don't understand why they denied derivative spouses petition while mine was approved. We had an interview back in January and everything went on well there. Did anyone have similar issue? What are my options? I do not want to spend money and file for motion to reopen.

    Thank you.

    Did you send copy of I-485 receipt of her petition on the supporting document package?

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